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WM iso daytime friend



hi, i've tried this a many of times and it haven't worked out yet, so hopefully it might work out this time.i don't have a pic and i'm sure this have been my down fall for not meeting anyone so if pictures are important i guess we won't be getting together.looks are some importance,but what's in the heart counts a lot more for think about it!



Hi, my name is Alex. I have never done this before so where do i begin. Well i am French and italian guy that is 6 feet tall. I have dark brown hair and eyes, not to metion long eyelashes. I am looking for a woman who is honest and caring and sweet. I am a very sensitive guy but at the same time am very outgoing. I like to have fun, and a good night out. The best moments are sharing your time with the woman you love.


Hi! I am looking for a wild, fun, yet sweet guy to start a relationship with.


Hello a little bit of a wacky guy seeking a woman that thinks she can keep up




AANII! (Hello) I'm a 26 y/o Native women living in Hamilton ON Canada. I'm very easy to get along with; also quite the humourous one-can be sarcasticly witty, but I'm also a lady too. Getting outside or staying in are both great as long as we are together. Laughter always eases my tensions; Tom Green Rocks! I have an open mind so I can handle Dice Clay as well. Now that the nice weather is slowly sneaking up on us, Barbecues and late nights are fun-I'll worry about my mosquito bites in the morning. I work from my home over the internet as a Employment Researcher. Which makes my time flexible enough to meet new people. I like to enjoy my night out to dance and laugh the night away on the weekends with my man, or course we would also spend time with friends as well. Cause then again, they were there when we had no one. What I'm NOT!! -I'm not Materialistic or prissy! I'm not frilly or plain jane, I just prefer my Natural Beauty, Don't you? I'm not a clingy person, I'm independent enough that I can find something to do while you're not around-like watching a movie with my daughter. I'm naturally sensitive, caring and affectionate. My daughter is 2 years old, if you are unable to fit a child into your heart, then we are like water/oil. If you have children, that's great, gives our children someone to play with while we spend time together for building a strong unity. I believe in family values and would like to have a beautiful secure family someday. "There are some things money just can't buy"



hello out there, this is mike d. I am looking for someone to spend time with and enjoy all of lifes pleasures. I enjoy nascar racing as well as playing other sports, and relaxing with friends. hopefully I will meet someone with simalar intrests. Hope to hear from you soon.



Hello. My name is Iraida. I am from Russia. I live in beautiful city Tomsk. I am a teacher. I have two children (son and daughter). In my free time I enjoy reading and theatre. I like to travel. My hobby is baking and flowers. I am good at cooking. My ambitions: to have a happiness and love with the right man a happy family.


I am a married woman that is looking for male friend to have fun and enjoy life with. I do not want anything serious at this time. Just looking for some fun.


Hi. I am a white female from Concord, NC seeking a friendship first relationship.



im am married but bored



My name is Frank and I am looking for a girl that wants to have a good time,start with a date and maybe get serious down the line.



Are there any ladies that wanna hit me back


Hi, Since they took most of the fun out of this, I'm not sure what to say so I will start by issuing an apology if you are blond, a Smart A*!, or truck driver (when you read the profile you'll understand), or anyone else I might have offended either knowingly or unknowingly. :)


Hey! I really enjoy getting to know people. I'm not really good about the whole talking-about-myself thing, so if you want to know something get in touch. I'm not easily offended and I'm open minded. I may be idealistic, but I'm not naive.


"I've never met anyone I couldn't talk to!" An outgoing personality, a teacher by trade, a mom by choice and a-lone at the moment. I am an avid reader, a devoted sunworshipper, a loving gardener and homeowner, and frequent traveler to fairs and festivals. I still believe that everyone has a 'match' somewhere, that love still exists at any age, and that kissing is the most important thing in the world!


i am a sexy black female w/ a personality to match, i looking for some one to help me explore a side of me that i never let out


This is a gentle, romantic man who enjoys the small things in life; a beautiful sunset, the touch of a hand, a glance in a crowd, a picnic with just us two.. looking for a partner to explore and share everything with.


I am a 30 year old black female-single mother. Looking for a mature, funloving, Christian young man



Here i am, or there i go. It's your chose


Hi my name is Ben and just thought I try this thing out had no luck finding any one yet but I'm kind of shy and have hard time being put down so thought this migt be just the thing. later drop me a line


Attractive Celtic Redhead ISO her Exotic Prince



Hello all you single men out there. Here is a woman who has the best values and morals around. I am a woman who is fincially secure, stable, swet, loving, happy, funny, very active outdoors and loves to cuddle, snuggle and have real fun. I work full time as a computer programmer and I am also a single mom to a 5 year old little girl who does live with me ,but is with her dad on weekends. I am into doing alot of fun thigs that include being with that special someone who wants a real relationship with no lies, games, plays, and i do not cheat and never will.I am happy with what i have in life ,but a good man is missing do if you would like a real solid relationship with fun, happines and understanding than lets chat and see what may happen from there..Well take care all you men...


I am looking for Mr.Right


I'm the kind of person you will love to get to know. I'm fun loving, kind, and sweet. I've been told that I'm like an angel.


Everybody has something interesting to say, I want to listen (or read) what you have to say, I'm a good listener plus I've lived enough to have a good conversation, give me a try and you won't regret it.


I can't say much about me, for I know very little of the subject! It's entirely too "infinite" to understand! :) What I *can* do, I suppose, is write about my habits, which tell something of me, but certainly not the most important part. I'm a student in Ontario, Canada. I study philosophy, in case it wasn't already apparent. :) I play hockey and watch it on TV, and am currently the captain of my Champlain College Residence Intramural Team (we have no varsity team) - had a chance to play junior A, but went to school instead. I suppose you could say I have chosen 'poor and confused' as opposed to 'rich and ignorant' with regard to this career decision. :) Really, I'm not nearly so confused as I let on... I play the saxophone, guitar, and piano, though none very well by my standards. I'm not the most social of people, although I'm not uncomfortable at all. I guess my happiness has never needed to be achieved through social means. Anyway, this isn't much, but it will do. There's so much more than this, but it's just an intro, so I'll live with it. :)



I'm a black male college student, and I have been single for the past two and a half years, mainly becuase I have been meeting the wrong people, or others are too narrow to look past little things like looks. I am currently heading into my fourth and hopefully last year of college in the field of computer science. I'm quiet, reserved, and kept to myslef. I'm also very dependable and caring. I'm a big guy, so I work out. I love swimming. I write hip hop and poetry, and I'm also into video games. I hope to get a career in computers, and start up a family of my own.


Smart Sensible Millionaire


I'm for Real now I'm looking for my real match.


Looking for a honest fun loving man.


Just looking for someone to spend free time with. No commitments, no hassles. I am married and don't want to lose my children. I met someone on the internet 3 years ago and we had a wonderful relationship but she has moved away. Why am I doing this? The most exciting thing in life is getting to know someone. I don't have the time or desire for one night stands. Knowing someone comes with time. I want to meet someone who is looking for someone who wants more and is in a similar situation.


Hi...just looking for a normal, average guy....close to his humorous, kind, caring, intelligent...with no baggage, sorry. Life is to short to have to worry about other people's problems.... I have none, and no children either.


Im a fun energetic,Girl well grounded in reality... I love all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or fishing... Im pretty happy just frolicking outside... or rolling around in the grass my ideal of a perfect day would be just swinging in the hammock and watching the clouds go by... im not looking for a soul mate im looking for a life mate... someone funny witty and Intelligent... looks are not important... and kindness speaks volumes of the soul... Im looking for someone i can share all of the intricasies of life with... and all of the possibilities that come with it...


Hi. Single life again. But it is fun and enjoyable. After many years of searching I have finally found the answer- peace within thy self. What a glorious feeling! Looking for someone to enjoy my peace and life. So far haven't found a sophisticated, mature adult to share my life with. If I don't that will be fine but it sure would be nice to start all over with a partner in all ways.If it is God's plan, then he will send him to me. If not, I'll continue to be happy and content with my self and son whi is away at college.


honest caring man looking for a kindred spirit for friendship and possible relationship


I'm a second-year law student who spends an entirely unhealthy amount of time with his nose in his textbooks. They're all jealous mistresses who are loathe to share me with anybody, but I like to get out once in awhile. I'm at the gym daily to maintain my sanity and stay healthy, though I'm still skinnier than most women I know. Sorry about the bad picture. A friend brought his digital camera to class one day, and with a little cropping, there I was. I'm not trying to hide my face. I think the funny stares I've been getting are because I filled out a profile on an on-line meeting site, not because of my looks.


I am looking for someone to complete me....If you don't mind being in love, and being told everyday how much I love you. If you don't mind cuddling and romance and being the center of my life.If you don't mind spending time together because we are best friends and lovers...Then contact me...


Hi! This lonesome though married man seeking female friend in similar situation for mutual comfort and intimacy in a serious but non-strenuous relationship when we can be there for each other.


Single Good Looking Guy Seeks a Female for Good Time's Spending Good time's an mabee long term relationship.


Hello. I'm a lovable girl from Richmond with a open-mind and a fun personality. I love to love, and i live for fun. I like dancing, photography, and painting. If you're interested, write me.


I am a fun-loving romantic who will sing you songs from a rooftop one minute and do tequila shots with your grandmother the next.



I am serious but fun loving. I am not Tom Cruise but can be loving and caring.



Just looking around for now


Hello out there. This is the first time that I have ever done this internet dating thing, so we'll see if it works. I hope I meet someone and it all works out. Talk to you soon. Oh, and as far as a picture goes, I'm having some trouble with my scanner, so you'll just have to wait. Everyone says I'm good looking though.


Briefly.... passion is one of the best things! Which leads me to believe in Spontaneity... then leads to Curiosity ... and with having Curiosity you play and playing is awesome... laughing and enjoying life as it unfolds the good and the bad... which goes with sharing... being open and honest with your own self first... the possiblities...are unimaginable.. til then, my door is open


I am not a writer!!!!


Needing a Great Conversationalist



I'm very Bi Curious I'm looking for a first time experience and a long time friendship..I'm honest open minded and very exsploritive


hello my name is wendy, and i'm looking for a relationship with a nice guy whos around my age..... looking for someone who wants to cuddle with me on cold nights and warm ones too, but someone who wants to get out and have fun in the out of doors. no head games need here please. i'm a sweet lovable young lady, who loves to be held and treated ith respect. i'm ticklish too.....


Hey, im a 17 year old soon to be 18 male, i like to go out enjoy life, work out play sports, lookin for a girl whos interested in fun and possible hook-up just give me a holla if you want to get together.


"Ability" is what you are capable of doing. "Motivation" determines what you do. "Attitude" determines how well you do it.





hi i am a 17/m/nc


Hello my name is Reanee. I live in Michigan and love to watch all sports. Football,Hockey,(GoRedWings,Baseball,Horse Racing,. I am new to the whole dating thing. I am divorcing. Im looking for my one the guy who everytime I look at him I know he is the one. Someone who is a fun loving person. It up to you now to say hello now that you have alittle inforamtion.


I am a young woman who is tired of all the game playing. If you deal with only the real and honest, then we have something to talk about. If not you really need to keep on searching.


something different lies here within, journey forth, your heart i shall win.


Hi, I am just an average guy looking for that perfect woman. I have gone out and looked but I have not found anyone that I think I might be interested in so I thought I might give this a shot. I last relationship which just recently ended was for eight years.




I am a twenty-five year old woman who loves life! I am finishing my teaching credential at CSU, Fresno. My passions in life are children, animals, and having lots of fun. I enjoy participating in outdoor activities; I love boating, jet-skiing, hiking, camping, and horse-back riding. In addition, I love to travel- even if it is just a weekend adventure to the coast!



Down to earth girl looking for a down to earth kind of guy!!


LONELY GIRL! Hi! My name is Tanya. I am looking for a guy who will treat me right. Someone who is funny and can make me smile. Some one who looks good but don't have to be great looking. Just some one who will let me know they care.


hi im lookin for someone who wants to have fun . thats it


Looking for the right man


Single (Divorced) mother of two teens looking for someone to spend my free time with. (Alone every other weekend)




Wassup? Im a 18 yr old female from Upstate NY. Im interested in the older men. I particularly like black men, spanish men, and italian men, but anyone can holla @ me.... i got tons of pics and all that.... My hobbies is playin ball, shopping, sleepin, workin, chillin wit my peoples, along with fishing, reading, and writing poetry.





Hello, I'm Patrick. I'm a journalism student at the University of Kansas. I have a passion for music and writing. My screen name is taken from an old pixies song, and they are but one of the many musicians i enjoy. I dig intelligent people, good conversation, and creative endeavor. Thats me loosely... have a fine day.


Hello out there...this is me, or whatever...



hi...i am good conversation..cuddling...the beach and lakes...indoor and outdoor activities...


I am a married male with Silver/Grey hair, mustache and goatee, hazel eyes that have just the right amount of devil in them. I have an easy sense of humor, with a winning smile and a good hearty laugh. I am not interested in one-night stands, but I am searching for (what hopefully will develop into) a real relationship with a woman that is looking to share romance and who wants to spend special time with an intelligent, passionate and considerate man that has a lot to give to that one, very special woman. I am hoping to fill a void in my life through the excitement that two people can generate, when new love is found and romance enters their lives. I am searching for the woman who wants a very unique and hopefully long lasting friendship and relationship. I am a man who will always strive to make you feel wanted, special and will always treat you as a lady. I am someone that will be happy to hear your voice and will always look forward to seeing you. I have many interests and enjoy intelligent and spirited conversation with an intelligent and spirited lady. I am a gentleman at dinner.. and in the bedroom, I want to share a vigorous, sensual, and most romantic experience with one very special woman. I am not looking to leave my marriage, and do not want to damage anyone else's marriage or relationship. If you've read this far, perhaps you share some of these same feelings. You may be the woman who is searching for the same closeness in your life and just haven't found that right person yet.


I am looking for excitement.


Cool Christian College Female