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Im a romantic guy searching for the right girl to come into my life. I will do pretty much anything in terms of activities. Im really into hunting, fishing, a camping trip under the stars would be awesome. I also enjoy golf (i never said i was good), bowling, chillin at home and chillin with friends. If there is anything you want to ask me, dont hesitate to send me a message, you wont regret it. ;)


hello guys my name is liz, i am a hispanic 20 yr old. i go to school and i am a very nice perso, people think i am an anti-sociol person, but thats really not it, anyways i am looking for someone to call my own, you know what i mean?





Looking for a discreet encounter with a mature woman.


Hey! Just a little note to say come on and write to me. I love to listen to music and see movies. I like going to clubs and just relaxing. I am 29 and looking for that someone special that I have not been able to locate. So I thought I might just start here! Who knows freakier things have happened....


looking for the special someone


i'm a great gal looking for my prince


I love watching the sunset from across an open field. I love to feel sunlight on my face and a gentle breeze through my hair. I wish to find someone to lay under the stars and help count them with me. I love watching/listening to the rain on a rainy day. I still search for the woman that will share my feelings. Orainans


Sexy twenty year old female just moved into town recently, lookng to meet new friends, just want to have fun with someone, guys or girls, and see what happens.If your down for pretty much whatever, get back to me.


"There's something cold and blank behind her smile..."





ready and willing




I am 21, new to area and looking for someone to go out and enjoy the "fruits of my labor". I am a software engineer and enjoy music, movies, family, and friends. Not a complicated person and not looking for a complicated relationship. I am very caring, loving, giving, and intellagent. I am seeking the same, but for some reason, it is looking as if California does not provide that. Hopefuly you can show me that I am wrong. Seeking a friendship at first, if something more comes to be, then I won't complain. Just looking for some innocent companionship and if your the right girl, maybe more.


Looking for Someone that is trusting and loving


Good luck to all contestants !


Made it through the 1 hour profile and do not have a clue what to put on this introduction except...check it out!


Talk to me!....i'm cute!



I'm a quiet shy girl, seeking friends maybe more. I love music, animals, talking, driving, shopping, meeting new people, web surfing, being outside, sleeping, watching movies, watching cartoons, anime, reading, and more. I don't like games and don't entend on playing them or making them. Don't ever break a promise to me....... "Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat." "Which is worse, saying something and wishing you hadn't or saying nothing and wishing you had?" "Don't ever judge me" *Eleanor*


Hey you!




If you dont have a sense of humor, don't bother reading anymore!


suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. my name is Brent and I come from south cackalacky and now inhabit the grand city of New York. im curious about the crazy things that could happen at but am not really looking for anything that i wouldn't want out of an everyday encounter with somebody new. so anything goes.


Hello, I am a 34 SWM living in waikiki right now. I hope to find somebody that I can start off as friends and see where it takes us. I hold trust above all else as "THE" major factor in finding my "soulmate". Looks, $$$ don't matter to me all that much.



My name is Anthony and I'm just a man who could use some companionship. It does get lonely being a single parent. I have 3 sons at home with me and although we make good company for ourselves I do miss the company a good woman can provide. I'm easy going and easy to get along with. However, I do prefer hot or cold to lukewarm anytime. Don't be shy, introduce yourself and we can take it from there. I'm open to just about anything, given the chance.



hi, i am a single white male who enjoys the simple things in life, looking for someone too share it with me


I am romantic and dynamic person naturally. I am intersting kind of person and this will be experienced. I think thats enough so see next time.


hi i am robert 1 am 33 5`8 180 blonde/blu eyes looking for a friend and then a lover i am looking for a long term relationship with someone who would become very special to me every time i am with her






My name is Veronica. I am 34/161/54 kg with blonde hair and green eyes. I enjoy dealing with people. I'm tender and generous, industrious and supportive, devoted, honest, tactful, energetic, optimistic. I'd like to have a family, and meet a guy who would take care of me and be a real friend to me, loving, devoted, and kind.




Hello guys, I live in North Miami. I like to go out and meet different people and make lots of friends. I really like Latin guys but anyone can talk to me.


hello, my name is bridget. i live in trenton florida. i am a little on the shy side but i am also very talkitive if you get me on topic i like


I'm looking for that man who can touch my heart. Personality and a sense of humor are most important to me. If you have a passion for life write me. If you want to make some extraordinary memories write me. If you are looking for a mover and shaker, write me. If you're looking for a lady...write me. Thanks for reading my ad, Belle.


Hello, My name is Brian. I work in a casino dealing cards. Since I dont have a picture I'll discribe myself. I'm very strong and athletic but a little overweight. I'm built like a linebacker. I am a very kind and caring person, I am usualy shy and dont talk much until I get to know some one. So if you would like to talk just write me and I promise I'll get back to you.


Hi, I am a divorced 35 y/o male looking for a single/divorced/widowed female between 21-36. I enjoy walks on the beach with a bottle of wine and just hanging out with kewl peeps.


I am a 24 year old single firefighter and I am looking for someone to talk to and who knows maybe more.


Hi there, I am looking for a person that needs a discreet relationship at first and possibly develop something more later.



I am looking for someone honest, somewhat fit and caring. Just looking for some happiness. From there,we'll see what happens.


Hi; i thought I would see if this is for real, if I look interesting e-mail me and lets talk.


looking for the right one!


I'm Crazy Sexy and Cool all in one. Now, I bet you're wondering how i'm crazy sexy cool right? Well I'm crazy because i like to do and say drastic things out of no where and have a good time, I'm sexy because i'm self-confident and i go after the things i want (although my looks help too) and I'm cool because i'm up for almost anything and i'm fun to be around and like having a good time, no matter what it is, where it is or who i'm with. :)


Truely Mother Natures Son. I enjoy watching the Sunrise and Set here on my 4.5 acre organic orchard and herb farm while not busy with my job that requires me to be away from home Mon.-Thur. Moonlight walks, Fine Wine, Music, the songs of wild birds, the playful deer, squirrels, and fox that frequent my little piece of heaven on earth. Honesty, Spontanity, Sensualiy, and Self Confidance. A Simple Man who tries to find beauty and enjoyment in all life has to offer.


Okay, this has got to be the longest profile I've ever filled out (haven't filled out too many I guess) but I guess it's worth it :) My passions in life are playing the piano (baby grand in my bedroom), playing and coaching basketball (played 4 years college ball and am currently into my 7th year of coaching), and influencing kids. In April, I will be launching the Westside Basketball Academy, which will be sweet!


I'm down to earth, straight and trying to keep myself honest, not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. Sometimes manage to be even funny (little bit of a sarcastic nature) and not too stupid either (or so my mother used to tell me :) ). Calm person, pretty quiet at first but it doesn't take long to warm up, have strong opinions, it takes a lot to get me annoyed and usually it doesn't take long to forget.


Hi, my name is Tara Lyn. I am 16 years old looking for an older guy because I am tired of all the guys I have tried to have a real relationship with. Anyway, i am fun and outgoing and like to try new things.


An Affectionate Cactus who is somewhere between a best dream and a worst nightmare


Hi, I'm 33, A leo, If there is any thing you would like to know just ask and I will tell you. I hope every one finds the love of a life time Just keep smiling and don't give up it's out there... :)


Hi my name is Johhny, and I am looking for someone to have fun with. I am a little skeptical about doing this over the internet, but hey, to find the right person anything is worth it. I love the outdoors, and I also love movies. I don't have a picture of me, but trust me, I am really not that bad looking. I love to work out and play sports, and I am active atleast 5 days a week. If you are looking for someone to talk to, or maybe more, write me.



Hi! I am a 20y-o married female in Clermont, FL. I love living down here and don't like to go North or East of Orlando. :o) I have a beautiful 2y-o son, and wonderful 24y-o husband. I am looking for someone to become friends with, as I haven't made may since moving to FL 3 years ago. I am very into photography, I love going to Yard Sales, the park, barbeques, picnics, trying new resturants, and surfing the web. I am not much for the phone, but could talk fo hours person to person. I'm a good listener, and I love nice people. :o)


Hi. I am 19 years old. I live on the coast of N.C. I am attending college here and will graduate the summer of 2003 with an associates in radiography. I am just a little curious about the whole internet dating thing so I thought I'd try it out.


HI Ladies I am a 21 year old male, who just recently broke up with my fiance. I am looking for a companion at first. If anything happens then fine, if not that is fine to. I am looking for a person to help me with the healing process and just to be a friend.


I a relaxed person who has made alot of mistakes when it came to relationships, Right now I just want to find someone who has something to offer other secret personalities and games.


I am a 59 year old lady,who wants a friend, and a companion.I am not a frivilous person and don,t beleave in toying with a man. I am serous minded but like to have fun too.


My photo will be posted in a couple of days. Brand new here and hoping to find my best friend and lover. I'm 6'1" tall, 174 lbs., self-employed, play the bass guitar, work out 3 times a week, and I can juggle! Well, a little bit, anyway. :-) Send me a note!


Hi! My name is Jill and I am an easy-going female who is adventurous and easy to get along with. I am looking for a guy to hang out with and have fun with just doing whatever.



Hi! I have recently been widowed from my live in fiance of 5 years who lost his battle to cancer in August of 2001. I am here to make my promise good to him that I would move on with my life. It is now the time to begin. I have very short L'Oreal Brown Hair, brown eyes, a slight cleft chin and dimples that show when you make me smile. I stand @ 5'6" in height and my weight is 130 lbs, though I am aiming for 135. If you notice from my photo, I am tan complected. It's natural. Born in Puerto Rico, I celebrated my 1st birthday in NYC and remained there until 1996, when I moved to Tampa. My radio station is always tuned in to 94.1 and though I also love latin music, I prefer my own. If you have a good sense of humor but not a clown, are ardent yet elusive, hard working and playful, spritual but not religious, respectful, gallant and traditinal, then get back to me. If not, stay away, I could prove to be too much for you and if I sense that, you're history. I am not typical, rather quite complex. IronFist/Velvet Glove.


Looking to share honesty, love, friendship and whatever else may come


Hi, my name is Doug. I'm a 38 year old single dad that has never been married. I thought I had found a life partner once but things just didn't work out that way. But I always take responsibilty for my actions and I have no regrets. Are you looking for a true prince? Well you may have found him. I am 38, 6'2" and 190lbs. I'm fit and good looking. But even better I am intelligent,sincere, and caring. I am the kind of person everyone likes from the first time you meet. But I am a little shy and don't have a lot of spare time to go out looking to meet someone. I would like to meet the love of my life someday but I know that starts with meeting people first. Be it friend or partner I hope to talk with you and see what happens from there. Doug


hi, my name is trinity, and i am an 18 year old girl from yuba city. i am described by friends as really energetic, and happy. i am also a great listener. i am looking to meet new people to talk with, and get to know. i think this is a good way to talk to people in my area and people out of town as well. drop me a line if you are interested in getting to know a great girl.


Get to the point






Hi guys, I've never done the online thing before but I figured what the heck it's worth a shot huh?


Hello, I am looking for someone to spend time with and get to know. We can worry about where it goes from that later. Not the most active person in the world but working on that, I love to be outside. Never hurts to chat with someone so why not see if we have anything in common. If not, good luck with your search.



I am a Fun, active, intelligent, creative, honest, female looking for the same, if that's you e-mail me!



Looking for the real thing. That is: She is not afraid to ask for what she wants, She wants to be treated like the Godess she is. She is not afraid to accept love and affection or to give it back. She wants to travel and make spontaneous adventure plans. And above all, she wants to be happy. I'm go to film school in SF. I want to someday work at LucasFilm and work on personal film projects.


Hi! I need a playmate and I'm not talking about sex. I want a woman that is a friend and my "partner in crime." One to do things with, run with each other, and perhaps develop together.




Hi! Looking for a relationship that's "user friendly"? If so, then don't be afraid to give me a try!




Hi - looking for a guy to introduce me to gay love. Purely physical.


HI Im A 23 Year old In Los Angeles Im still in College and I also work full time. Im get a degree in Aviation, And im also going into Law Enforcement My many Goal is to become a Law Enforcment Pilot for the CHP. Im looking for a nice Girl Someone with a head on her Sholders. Not Afraid to Explore life and can be very open minded. Hope to hear from you soon Bye bye


Curious Female Seeking A Woman To Cure My Curiosity!



Hi, I am a outgoing, spontaneous, honest and caring. I never get bored, I keep myself occupied by kickboxing classes and working out. I also like to do anything outdoors and indoors when it's cold. Basically I just like to have fun doing pretty much whatever, whenever.


Lonely country gal in need of some fun



Hi... I'm Lisa - I live in Northern Colorado, enjoy watching Avalanche hockey, spending time with friends and family, men who cook, personal fitness, outdoor activities, waterskiing, camping, movies, music, reading, clubs/dancing... being social. I like earning respect and being respected. I'm outgoing and friendly, non-materialistic and looking for a man who shares similar interests - someone who is my equal and can carry on an intelligent conversation.


Hi......Im looking for a nice normal guy who is searching for the same things in life that I am. Companionship,caring,friendship....a shared bond. Im a widowed mother of three teenage children so he must love kids. Family is very important to me. I enjoy the simple things this life has to offer.


Looking for a friend, maybe more