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Looking for fun and romance...


Just trying this out. Looking for an attractive, intelligent, ambitious girl. If you're it, contact me.


Searching for a beautiful mind! I need a woman to satisfy my intelectual, social and physical needs. Have you heard Johnny Cash's. Man in Black, well you could use those terms to decribe my attitude in general.




Hello, I am a nice guy in Orlando looking for people to have some fun with. I enjoy roller blading,jetskiing,camping, and going to Islands of Adventure. I enjoy laughing and making others laugh.


What's up ladies! New to this internet dating thing. Looking for new people to hangout with and share in adventure. E-mail me if you want a picture or wait. I should have one on by the end of the week.


Seeking open-minded women and guys, I myself is curious both ways in different aspects and "things" you know. Write me back, I'll tell you more. Promised! For my close good friend, he told me he did both before. Presently, he watches both kinds of porno. He had some experiences with latina girls, Jamaican girls and African American girls before. Now, he wanna have it with a Caucasian one, too. On the other side, he goes with guys, too. Guys from varied ethnic background had "chill out" before. He's HIV- and practise safe sex. So, if wanting to see what will happen (whatever it's love, sex, friendship or what), write me back... I'm waiting forwards for your hit!



Looking for someone who places a premium on integrity and character? That's what I'm going? Are you the one?


does this really work


Hello I am a single black mother of one 4 year old girl. I am 27 years old, 5' 10.75" tall, 212 lbs., and dark carmel skin. I enjoy life. My hobbies include writing poetry, reading, watching movies, and having sex. Also I love to cook. I am not a neat freak, but I can be obsessive when it comes to my life and home being organized and well thought out. I am successful in life and will expect the same of my partner. I have a really high self esteem for someone my age and social class. I am seeking a companion to share those long lonely nights with. I am not down with games or children trying to be an adult. I seek only a man with morals and self value. No subtance abused individuals are wanted.



Hi I am a divorced male who likes fishing, flea markets, antiques, walks reading, music country clasic rock, fairs, I am retired. I love to make people laugh and to laugh myself. I love life and what it has to offer. I love sex even at my age LOL. I hope i have given you an interest. If so please contact me. If not I hope you have a good day.


Active, fit gentleman, 57, with a great smile and a big heart seeks a smart, attractive slim woman who wants to live life to the fullest. I'm involved in the community and I enjoy giving back to society if the cause is right. I enjoy all outdoor activities especially boating, I live on the water, biking, cooking, I'm usually the guy at the grill, hiking etc. I enjoy new adventures and challenges. I'm somewhat outgoing and can enjoy quiet times reading listening to fine music of all types. I especially like blues, jazz and other types of eclectic music even opera if the mood is right. I enjoy the great friendship I have with my three grown children and am very family oriented. I'm very attracted to women who are very feminine, have substance and have a sense of presence.


Well, I don't know what will become of this but, I thought I would give this a try.Read over my profile and see what you think. If interested feel free to respond. If you are just looking for another girl to add to your list, DON'T BOTHER! I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THEM!


Good looking young mother looking for soul-mate.



New to town and lonely. Wish to meet a woman who likes to go out and have fun. I like outdoor activities and fishing.


Hi everyone, my name is Rick and I am a 21 years old. I am divorced and my son currently live in Baltimore, MD.I attended two semesters of college at Eastern Kentucky University. I am in the military and have been for the last three years.(Half way done, Thank god)I enjoys theatre, musicals, opera, books and quite a few other thought stimulating activities. I also have my tough guy side. I wrestled in high school and a short time in college. I enjoy submission fighting in my spare time and when I am not doing any of these other things I am probably at karate. Overall, I am a pretty well rounded person. Also I believe that national defense is the second most important job in the US. The most important being education. Well thats basically me in a nutshell, if your interested drop me a line. Bye


Single professional male with goals and ambition to fulfill those goals looking for a partner in life.









Hello, I am looking for a open minded girl. You should have a good personality, a slim to athletic body and know how to work it. IWANT A LOVE AFFAIR!


Tall sexy black man in search of one good woman.


Nice guy looking for nice girl.



I am a good guy looking for friends or perhaps my future wife. I am a easy going guy with lots of interests and am willing to talk about anything under the sun so drop me a line at



Single/Bi-racial, Male, 22 y/o, Athletic Build. Looking for encounters with no strings attached...


Hello, My armor is a little battered and rusty... But underneath there is a knight in there somewhere! If you want to meet a down to earth guy, someone who is sincere as well as funny, then give this add a click.



Im an open minded Metal/Grunge chick. I like anything that has to do with art. I believe in pure honesty. I tend to like the simple things in life.



Hi there! This is relatively new to me and I came back to this section after answering 100 questions as accurately as I could. Everything below is true. I am a single father, serious about a long term relationship amd marriage (although the marriage part is negotiable). Don't look at the age. IT'S JUST A NUMBER. Having said that, I won't date anyone over 40. Contradictory? Yes, maybe but I have been that route and was bored silly. If you are between 30 - 40 and serious about a long term stable relationship, please take time to read my bio. I don't have a photo attached to this because I never had the need for one before but I assure you that I don't look anything like Shrek! Have fun and good luck ...finding the right partner is hard, sometimes frustrating.


hey ladies I'm a 23 yr old male and father of one son i seek a woman between the ages of 18-26 who is easygoing fun attractive good with children and somewhat independent i am a construction worker and i like to play some sports and like going out on occasion



hi iam a22 year old guy in lagos,nigeria.iam in college studying economics,iam about 6 ft rather skinny with fine features.i nd smoke socially,love rap music night life,and all good stuff about life. i love females btw 17-24that love to talk about their sexuality freely.hit me back at


If you think that it is possible for one person to have and find two soulmates in this life I would like to hear from you


i had something charming to say but i forgot it I am not looking for perfection, just someone to spend time with and get to know


HI are you looking for some one who is loveing ,romantic,careing ,giveing, well look know farther HERE I AM!


Hi. I'm a graphic designer who just moved to Alabama to help build a web/print media design company. I don't really know anyone here, so I thought this would be a good way to help me meet people. Zen for the day: Confucious say, "He who runs behind car gets exhausted, but he who runs in front of car gets tired." What can I say? I'm a little strange.


Not a true psycho--------- but LOTS of true fun-------- with a true blonde----------




Hello Utah, glad to be here!


I am a 27 year old male from Indy. I am looking for a good time with a great lady.



Handsome Man seeks more than a friend


Mom always said "There's other fishes in the ocean", so my line is out, and I'm waiting for a nibble! (Hey do I have the right ocean?)



Hello ladies! This is my first time doing something like this and I hope this gets good results. I've heard good things about it so I decided to try it and see how things go. Please feel free to stop in and see if we might have some common ground. Thank you!


Looking for that someone to ride and have fun with, to spend quality time with and be best friends with.


howdy all im just a simple ole laid back country boy from south arkansas not much to say bout me im not complex or nuttin just a good ole boy lookin for a sweet, lovely gal to put up with me and love me and take care of me is all thts me in a nutshell well no heres me in a nutshell hey help im stuck in a nut shell lol yea im silly well thts bout all i got to say


Hello to all reading this. my name is stacey, im a 24 year old, single mother, independant with a good job, pay my own bills and have my own place. looking for a friend overall but if some romantic feelings pop up meanwhile, that would be great to. i have blond hair, blue eyes, thick and carry it well female who is lonely and is so tired of dating the same type of men. looking for more than just a bed buddy in a mate. nothing to serious, but something real and want a man in my life that actually cares for me.


I'm a 23 year old man from Ada, Oklahoma. I have learned what "for worse" is all about and yet I have never been on a date and never married. I am looking for a lady who will stand firm through the best and the worst times. I am a faithful man and expect the same from you. My best friend died in 1997 when I was going to Saint Gregory's University but I am believing that God will help me get through the trials life brings me. I am funny, a good listener, and a great friend. Hope you like what you find in my profile and may God bless you.



A Nice Romantic Guy Looking for The Same.Is Mr Right Out There????


Hello! Happy/friendly/attractive man for you.


Looking for true love


Hi, I am A chef who is Looking for someone to hang out with and perhaps have it grow into something more.


Im a very down to earth person whos looking for someone to have a good time with. e/m/a/i/l/m/e/AT/b/e/a/u/t/i/1/0/5/6/AT/y/a/h/o/o/


Are you my true love? I'm a 22 year old male serching for someone who won't hurt me cause i'm sick of being hurt and used by women.


Hey, my name is Tammy.






Sweet, loving lady is looking for that Special fella. I am very romantic and require lots of loving. I enjoy Nascar racing, dancing, camping, walking and just cuddling up and watching T.V. I am a one mans woman. I don't like fooling around and playing games because people get hurt and I for one don't enjoy pain.


Would like to meet a great guy, who enjoys adventure and helping others.


I am a sweet female looking for a long term relationship.



hey, im an 18 year old guy who just moved to florida from massachusetts. when im not working, i like to go to clubs and hang out with my friends. i'm also into a lot of different sports. my favorite type of music is alternative rock.


Hello, My name is not lilah maye as you will see later, if you read my profile! :) I am seeking someone to bring me up to date in the world, and someone to challenge my brain. Looking for fun times, and waterfalls. I am respectful, and honest. Always, even if you wont like it ill tell you, b/c you can trust me not to make wrong decisions. My latest news, I had a baby girl on 10-26-01 at home. I hate her father, and hes not here anyways.Sorry i have to laugh at that one.hahahaha. See i am truthful even though i shouldnt be sometimes. Anyhow, almost everything else is there.Filling this profile out was like doodling with Mad Libs. :) Hope to talk to you.




i am looking for love and that too much to ask for


In serch of love



Hey, I'm a Scots/Irish girl from Arkansas. Not much to do in this little town, so I busy myself with school work and my friends. I'm outgoing, and love being surrounded by people. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not a person that has to have attention, I just love being with people.) I enjoy creative people, and love to surround my self with intellectuals. Ditzy people and egotistical maniacs are the people that I get along with the least.


hello there, i'm a single guy looking for a single lady to go out with and do new things and maybe a few old things. I'm just looking for someone to hang out with.


Looking for serious relationship



Hello!I am new to all this computer stuff, goes!"I might not be the sharpest tack in the box,but I do have alot of common sense".I am just like you..looking for something we all long for,compassion,caring,honesty,devotion,(yes that word did come from a man),and most of all happiness!Take a chance,write me,I will answer e-mails,if not...PEACE!


Very outgoing person .. who enjoys travel, lakes, oceans.. going to the movies. Blue jean kinda girl.. Im very down to earth.. and looks into someones heart to see who they really are.




Hey guys! I'm Amanda and this is my love profile! HaHa! Well, I hope that you like what you see/read and I'll look forward to talking to you! IM me on AOL anytime, my name is AmanDuh428. Have a great day! ><> <3 Mander



looking for an alaskan native woman to travel,camp and do things with


yO sup yall. im Lee and im a freshman in college who's lookin for a femme chick who'd like to go with a butch. im 18....age aint important. as long as ur younger than my mother im cool to go. im openminded bout everythin. i love chillin and havin a good time. holla if ur interested =-P my aol sn is runnerxc313


I'm looking for a nice person to create a lovely family with.


I find my self to be a very out going person. I like to do new things, hangen out with my friends and spending time with my kids. Fishing, camping and just hangen out.



Hello, my name is Ryan I am a very normal guy who enjoy's going to the movies, and cuddling on the couch with someone special (if I could ever find someone special). well thanks for stopping by hope to hear from you soon.


Tired of being lonely, and hanging out at funky singles bars, full of not-so-single people? Me too! I'm fun-loving and sincere, strictly long term. Anybody else out there? :)


Hello out there! I'm just a girlie-girl looking for another girlie-girl to spend my time with. I like to think I'm fairly open-minded about other people, so as long as you are femme, just drop me a line!


Active likes to have fun, outgoing, good personality. Working full time as a customer service rep. I have a dog a snauzer, my companion. Like to travel, bowl once a week, have my own house, like my computer, country music, movies, gambling. Drink moderatly, a beer now and then. Like to go out with the girls, widow since June of 1999. Light brown hair, 5'2 average figure, nice smile.




Hi my name is Mac and i'm 23 years old. I have a full time job and i play music on the side. I am looking for a guy that wants to be just friends or more i am young enough still to have fun!



A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.