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hello ladies if country living is what you like,look me up!p.s. im the tall one in the picture!


I just moved to the Indiana area after being away for 4 years. I am looking to make new friends and experience new things. I recently discovered I was bi-sexual and would love to act on that more ;) I am looking to meet both men and women to either hang out with and be friends or something more!


Let music enter your live and take care of it!!



Formerly a dancer, and currently a paramedic-firefighter who love action and adventure of all types. Looking for new and different friends.



lone wolf in search of like minded she wolf that seeks that cuddle mate who makes you feel all warm inside


I am a 29 year old student studying biology and chemistry. I will go into transgenics at some point in the next five to six years. First I have to get my bachelors and masters.... Now that that is out of the way... On to what may NOT bore you. :)) I am a mother of three beautiful children. One boy and two girls. Ages 8, 5, and 2 1/2. I am looking for friendship, possibly more, it all depends on where things go. Well...enough for now I guess... if you have any questions, contact me. :))


I am not very good at talking about my self but I shall try to do so. My hobbies include Metaphysics, Theology, Philosophy and Texas Holdem poker. I am a Reiki Master and have been for 6 years, if you do not know what Reiki is check out I am sharp witty and somewhat wise with age. My world revolves around Gabby, my 5 year old, and I have grown children that I Love very much. I work for the US Postal Service my normal shift is from 5 am to 130 pm. I do not have a good photo to send to you, I need to get a photo of just me and have it scanned. I have been told that I am very cute and would have been elected cutest in my senior year but chose to run for most likely to succeed. I am a muscular 145 pounds on a 5'7" frame. Short brown hair and honey brown eyes. You can write me at my aol account: I sometimes write poetry and am including a poem titles Thirteen Love. I hope you like it, please let me know what you think. This morn I gazed on 13 Doves I began to ponder on 13 Loves A funny list which falls in order Wish I seen 7 the list would be shorter Love of Father Love of Mother Love of Daughter Love of Brother Love of Sister and of Son Love we feel for the ONE Is that six or is that Seven Oh yes the Love from Heaven The Love I feel when under cover The Love for my Significant Other The Love in the Beginning is the LOVE of the End My Joyous LOVE for you my Friend The most Wondrous LOVE, the ONE with Stealth Is The Love I generate and feel for MY SELF. ThE WiZ '95 >>


I知 23 and living alone in Paris, Illinois. Sorry for the location confusion I was unsure how to place it in the list. I知 5'11 give or take around 235 give or take. Short Blonde hair and my eyes change color depending on my mood. I don't wear contact so the eye thing is natural and not colored contacts. I知 not what most would call Goth. I don't dress in all black or wear make-up. I don't like to be different by just being like everyone else. I don't tend to follow trends or fads, I just follow my heart and feelings and what makes me comfortable. I prefer t-shirt and jeans mostly, but I do enjoy dressing up.Im also Wiccan/Pagan/Eclectic. I知 a very morbid type. I love death and find it fascinating. In the future I hope to study forensics and make a career out of it. Currently I知 studying to be an electrical Engineer. I also enjoy Role playing of all kinds. (Some to light) SMBD to D&D and Vampire. Vampire is a favorite of mine.


hi ladies,how you doing?if you are interested in the perfect person look no further.


Hi, I would like to say that Forest was so right in what he said... Life is most definetly like a box of chocolates... Because you never know what you will get.... But you will never know what's in the box until you open it.. You will not always like what's inside.. But in life you will never know unless you try!


Beauty and Brains I am 22, And I am a Producer for a Radio station in Detroit. I go to Specs Howard School of the Broadcast Arts. My dream is to be on T-V as a V-J or on the radio, since I could walk. Looks are definately important, but if you can intrique me with your looks and mental awarness, you got me. Some words to describe me:Conversationalist, strong willed, blunt USUALLY with tact, Smart Ass, serious when need be, open, honest, warm, easy to get along with, and I'm pretty straight edge. Even though I work and study for a very public buisness, I would consider myself a hippie at heart.



Hi...I'm looking for a friend and lover. I'm not necessarily looking for a long-term relationship, but I'm certainly not ruling it out either. I travel the state extensively, so let's do lunch!


Hi! Very spacial man here, looking for you!! Hope your looking for a good man, I'm here!!!



Hello I am an honest person, outgoing, and giving. I am looking for a friendship that may build into something more.


Decent Guy looking for exceptional woman


Hello all, I am an easy going guy who loves to be out in the open air and exploring the world. I own and ride two harleys which keep me sane. I work nites so I can ride days and make very good money. I love to travel, be it on the bike, airplane or car.





Check this sassy chic out........




Any Real females in this world



Hello, my real name is Bill, and you get lotsa points for knowing the origin of my alias. I'm a quiet kind of guy, not into much flash and glitter. I like nature, people, and beauty in whatever form it presents itself. I'm past the age of trying to impress you with my masculine prowess. I enjoy life, and would like to meet someone to share special moments.


Honest and caring man looking for that special someone




I am what some might call a country boy raised in the city. I love the country and as soon as I can afford to do so will be moving to the counry. I prefer the simpler things in life, camping, hiking, singing, guitar, and taking the truck out, about the only complicated thing that I enjoy is some computer stuff. I started had a neighbor who built computers from his garage for a while and he taught me a some stuff, now I am working in a his shop. I also programmed for a few years in high school, but decided it wasn't something i wante to do for a living, I am now studying criminal justice at ACC, and might join the DPS academy upon getting either my certificate or associates, but may just join a small county sheriff somewhere. I like small towns, but I also like the music scene in Austin so I may shoot for Wimberly or someplace within about an hour or so of Austin. Most of the music I write, which isn't much, has either a girl behind it, or has a Christian theme. I am a Catholic, but I attend other services as well, and must say that I prefer the protestant services more, though my belief is definitely Catholic. I'm looking for someone that is easy to get along with, can take the good with the bad, likes the country, can be trusted with anything (including my heart), and is willing to trust me. I listen to primarily country music, but do listen to other stuff, unless you consider Lynard Skynard, Poison, Nelly, Eminem, Queen, Jimmy Buffet, Gloria Estefan, and others country. One thing that I'll warn everybody of now, I have a bad habit of quoting music, but the words just happen to say what I need to say. I'm not really good at describing myself, but if there's anything I didn't answer or anything you want to know, all you gotta do is ask. -- Ben


There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world...t'would be a pity to ruin yours...


FUN,PASSION,ADVENTURE,and MYSTERY AWAITS YOU! I used to think this was just for desperate, and/or socially challenged people, but curiosity got the best of me, so come to me, Dream-Girl! A moonlight serenade can be yours.......


Having confiddence in yourself and what you do is something to be proud of.



Not too much, but to say, good luck in your search for friends/others, and if any other questions feel free to write back, get in touch...Pic's available upon request, if we can think/talk at the same level/somewhere in the proximity!



A Sincere Gentleman looking for a Sincere Woman for Long-term Relationship


Hi. I'm a somewhat newbie to the thumb area. Just moved up here when my last realtionship unexpectadly fell apart in November, and am just now trying to get back into the dating scene again. Hoping to make some friends along the way too, so hope ya drop me a line.



Hi My name is jay.I live in ky, single,and I live alone, no kids,although I like kids. I do have a dog(King Tut). I would like to meet someone, friends or whatever It may turn into. I am very active,and love doing things outdoors.I have my own home, and live in a small town.I am easy going, Athletic build,dark complected. all of that other stough is in my profile.I hope we can chat later, drop me a line. Bye, Jay PS Tut is part wolf (my handle,Wolfen)


i am a man.i am 26 yrs older.i have completed the graduation.i have tken post graduate diploma and computer sciences.


Hello, my name is Dan. I'm 31 years old, never married, and have no kids. Although I want all, I'm not one to settle and just haven't found the one for me yet. I work as an Correctional Officer for about 6 years now. Not always the funnest of work; but it pays the bills-lol. I'm pretty laid back and take life with the flow. I've been in Salinas about 2 years now. Not a bad town, I just wish there was more to do here. I'm from Chico Ca, a real fun and partying town-even though I'm getting a little old for that ;) I enjoy dancing, bowling, going to sporting event, and woking out at the gym. Well, I think I've ran out of room; hopefully I can talk to you more some other time! :)


Babydoll looking for my match


I am looking for a real christian male. Trust me, I am unique.


My name is Josie and i am curious about this online thing



My opinion of myself is that I am smart, sexy, natural (except my hair), fun, caring, sweet, determined, and loyal. I am pursuing a career as a make-up artist because after my stint in college, I realized I wanted to do something I really enjoy. I enjoy being at home over parties and will do almost anything for someone if they do the same for me.


A sweet college guy looking for someone to bring out the wild side - wanting to xperiment & full of enthusiasm :)


Hello, I am a white professional male, 6' 175lb, slim and attractive / presentable. I am greying now so it is a mix of lt. brn and grey, as well it is thinning. My eyes (two of similar shape and size) are blue/grey, I am in good shape, but not great, nothing that 3 months in the gym wouldn't take care of. I work and travel quite alot. I used to be very active and hope to slowly reactivate my interests back into my weekly life. Work is a priority at this time as I am a business owner, and it is quite demanding, but also gratifying. I love to laugh, read, ski, travel, observe, lay on a beach, dance, play music, golf (once in a while) fish (once in a longer while) romance (when I can) nice wine and good food. I have a few other interests but hey, there would be nothing else to discover...right? I am honest and sincere, one of those nice guys. And yes I am married, but unhappy in the relationship. (truth , not a line of BS) So, if you are interested in perhaps taking this to the next step (email) please feel free to send coraspondence and we will see what happens. I am looking for a sweet, slim, beautiful women that is busy with her own life. Someone that is not looking for a man to complete herself, but rather someone to compliment herself. A friend. 26-40



Hi there i'm looking for you so read on!!!


Hi, Im a single professional Black Male seeking an attractive female for friendship, maybe more?


Hello ;-)


Hi my name is alisa. I am 18 years old and I go to high school. I consider myself to be very kind and considerate.





Ok, I will be the first to admit that I absolutely hate writing about myself. If you put too many things in, people automatically think "conceited" too few and people think "what is she trying to hide?!" Of course now whomever is reading this is thinking "wow, she really deals in stereotypes". Anyway, you can read a bit more about me below. Some of the choices were rather strange but at least someone out there describes my eyes as "sexy" even though they have never seen them!!! :)


Ready for action.


Hello, my name is Teresa, I am a single woman who loves the Lord. I am very serious when I comes to holy living, I love to sing,and I love to cook. I believe in being real, and I am not about games.




Hello- My name is stacy, I am looking to find a person that make's me feel good. I want someone I can go out with and be myself and get freaky with on & off the dance floor. I want someone that will tell me that it is ok to go out with my friends, and for me to tell him the same without getting the third degree. If this sound's like you, let me know.


Love is tricky friendships and made to last, maybe this time will not be the last.


Divorced for 2 years, mother of a 17 year old who lives with me. Work in Louisville. Loves camping, yard work and being outside. Enjoys the simple things of life but looking for that special someone to share it with.



Still looking after all these years


Hi there. I am looking for someone who is honest, sincere and caring.


hello ladies


I'm 5'11'' and about 280 pounds. I'm comfortable with my size and would like to meet someone that wouldn't have a problem with that.


Hey whats up!? I'm a 19 year old off the wall female from Denver (Aurora). I am known to be a little too outgoing at times, but I dont care. I live life. I'm not here to wither away...



I'm looking for Mr.Rite,is he out ther..please let me know....


I'm a shy person at first but once you get to know me i'm a pretty neat guy to be around. Kinda old fashion because I don't like holding hands or putting my arm around a person unless its all right with them. Maybe get in to playing tennis or pool.


Sexy brit chic looking for fun or anything else that comes to mind.


Hello...My name is Jeremy. I'm looking for a down-to-earth, inteligent, and attractive women to compliment my life; and in return me to compliment her life.


Just a skinny white girl who loves seeing live music in the KC area. Wanna go with me?




hello im a nice man looking for a nice and loving girl.


hi just keep reading



hi my name is david and i'm looking for a gal to hang out with and have fun i'm up for almost any thing so you never know drop me a line hope to hear from you




Hi I'm Kris and I'm looking for a gal, chick, woman, girl, or lady who is looking for a friend with the possiblity of more later on. If your that gal, chick, woman, girl or lady then please read on. .. U



I'm tierd of the bar thing and dating from bars it never works out in the end.


Single white male looking to hang out and have a good time


I love to cook!


Hi im Rogers i just moved to huntsville and i was divorced last year so i am trying this internet dating thing :O)



I won't bite.. unless you want me to...


Hey! My name is Amber and I'm just looking for someone cool to hang out with. My email is:


I am an honest guy who is looking for a gal to learn about and grow with. I have a close family and hope whom ever I might meet will appreciate that. I have many goals set and I intend to reach them. I am working full time and going to school doing Management studies part time.


Married, with good sense of humor, non smoking and hardly touch liquor. When younger, I left a beard, but not a mustache, and looked ok, but "stange"! So, I shaved, and then, I let the beard and the moustache grow. By now, I am attached to both! I believe the mirror would "crack" if I shaved and my image is reflected! I love writing, reading, the movies, theather, good conversation. I am loyal and have a good education, since I hold post graduates degrees. I am self employed, have my own business and travel a lot.


Basically im just doing this to see if i get a response...if so we'll see what happens from write me if you want to know more!


Looking for someone to share some fun in the sun with, Sunsets on the water, or cozy talks by the fire?