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hello ladies....well' if your interested in meeting a pretty good man who likes camping fishin, golf,mountainbiking,western dancing,and kids, being a single dad for the last 18 years.....write me and lets see what happens.


I am a very proud native Texan. I enjoy a nite of dining and dancing or staying in watching a movie. I enjoy a nite at the Theatre or Symphony or camping in a tent. I like cooking, gardening, reading, shopping and travel. I believe that life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs and twists and turns. I thank God each day, many times, for all the blessings in my life. I have the two most awesome teenagers in the world and marvel at them and the relationship we have.


I think you KNOW by lookin' at my bright smile that it's LOVE AT FIRST SITE, right?? Ok, so maybe it takes more than a why not gimme a shot and see what I've got to offer ya. U wont be disappointed.



Looking for a Sincere, honest, loving woman who would like to be treated like a queen and in return treat me like a king.


HI there! I would love to introduce myself but I can't put my real name in here! So I will give you some basics instead! I grew up in Southern California and also lived in Florida (Tampa Bay area) for a while before I moved to Northwest Arkansas, which is where I live now. I am the lucky Mommy of a beautiful 15 month old boy. I'm a full time student studying Political Science and will eventually, someday, get my Ph.D. in the subject. I'm a Christian and a Republican, and hold my values in very high regard. I'm a very outgoing person. I enjoy outdoor activities like water and snow skiing as well as BBQing, fishing, camping and hiking. I LOVE to go out dancing at clubs and try to go as often as I can. I am pretty light hearted and don't like to get on depressing subjects. I've also got a pretty silly sense of humor. I guess that is me in a nutshell!



hi, if any of this intrests you, write. If you want to see a picture, send me yours, and I'll send you mine.


Hello ladies. Well, Im a laid back chilling kind of guy who likes to have a fun time. My kind of girl would be petite, funny, intelligent, and self motivated. I dont want a plain stiff, yet i dont go for the wild, crazy type shit either. I love bodybulding and would like to meet a girl with that in common. So, Tell me what the deal is!!!!!!!


Hello there, Looking to meet people in the richmond area. Fairly new here myself and would like to get out more. Not looking for any mind games so if interested please e-mail me at


Looking for a Cowboy


The girl of your dreams!!


Hi, I am a middle aged single man looking for a light to serious relationship. I would like to find a girl to spend quiet evenings with. I've never been married, but that could change (depending on this service!). Some of my interests include rock music, movies, watching sports on TV, reading, and surfing the internet. Why not send me your E-mail and give me a try.


Is it you? Ive been waiting along time for someone just like you!!


Hi, I'm a "love life" type of person and I am looking for a man who has the same outlook on life



hello ladies.....i am a 20 year old sigle white male who is intellegent, good looking, open minded, wild, loves good music and women...i listen to music and read on my free time..i love to kick back and chill....i am looking for anything right now..i am very curious who is out there so just let me know if this sounds good to you...


How ya doin'? I'm not that great at writing these things, but I'll give it a shot. I'm a 21 yr old US Air Force firefighter stationed in Okinawa, Japan. If you want to know what I do for fun, the answer is everything, from playing some Dave Matthews on my guitar, to scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Okinawa. Thats not everything, so if you want to say hi or whatever, don't hesitate.



I am 53 years old. Looking for friend first.


HI my name is Faye. I have lived here in Austin almost all of my life. I am 5"3 with brown hair and green eyes. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter.



Sup ladies, I'm just a guy that loves to have fun and show u a good time. Money is no object, so just tell me what your heart desires.


I'm 53, have long brown & grey hair and a mostly grey beard, stand 6'4" tall and could possibly be described as a "Celtic-oriented teddybear". I'm generally pretty easy to get along with and have been known to get rather comical from time to time, but can also be quite serious when the time or need arises. Some of my most favored hobbies are rockhounding, lapidary, fishing, camping, short hikes and homebrewing ale & mead, to name just a few. I have never had any children, but do like them and usually have very little touble getting along with them. I'm not in the habit of taking part in head/heart games and I don't appreciate it when someone tries it with me, I need a lady who enjoys being hugged a lot, thinks that cuddling should be considered an artform and is very affectionate & loving. For such a lady, I will do just about anything, providing she believes in honesty, integrity & honor.


Sweet girl looking for a honest, caring sweet guy


Am looking for that special someone to build a relationship with. Could that be you?


Hello, my name is Andrew and I just got out of the Airforce sept 10th, 2001. I am now going to college. I am looking for someone who is honest, kind and knows what they want.



Hello everybody im kind of new at this so here we go im currently single after a two year relationship i have no children but hopefully in the future that will change. im a senior at the university of akron studying elementary education easy going very active and in sports and right now just looking for some one with the same characteristics. if interested get in contact


Hi, I believe I can be a wonderful friend, lover, partner, for a wonderful woman. I have made many changes in my life during these last 4 years. I have been clean/sober since December 5th, 1997. I have lived in Hawaii, California, and Utah, and just love the West Coast and all it has to offer. I have traveled to most of the 50 states. I like to think that I am well rounded, and can fit in anywhere if I want to. I am a Tie Dye artist and have my own website to show off my art and sell my wares. I have been employed in many fields, from Tour Guide to salesperson, to my current job as a drug/alcohol counselor. I love what I do, and hope to be in this field for years to come. I believe my zest for life has kept me young, and that God isn't through with me yet. I hope to make someone happy with our relationship, and in turn find true love. I would like to hear from someone who is beautiful both inside and out. I desire complete honesty from my mate, and in turn will be equally as honest.



Very good looking young man looking for any type of woman, as long as she is beautiful, and accepts me for who I am, and what I do. I'm about 5'9, 145 lbs., bald, black, and very sexy. If interested e-mail me at


looking for someone who who enjoys life



Live like there is no 2-morrow, Dance like noone is watching, Love like you've never been hurt!!!


CrazySexyCool if ya dare to test ya wild side


could you be the girl of my dreams?


Give me a try...





Go for somone that makes you laugh...


Hi, I am a recording artist/singer/songwriter looking for that special someone. I live in Caldwell, Idaho and I specialize in soft rock/new country music. I have twins (b&g) currently living with me but who are seniors in high school and will be graduating soon. I am a romantic and am very affectionate.



Wassup all I am chris you want to know more just ask me. I am a Open Book.


hello, i am new to the dating game. i have never dated before so it is all new. maybe you can help me get into the swing of things


Utah is not known for its hot bed of social intros so here I am. I am looking for someone who wants to hang out with a cat who is 30 going on about 21. My bills are paid and I love to travel to small unique places. My main intrests are photography, skateboarding and snowboarding. I enjoy somebody who is like my friends: cool and honest and can accept me for who I am, no games...


This is entirely not my thing. I can't even believe I'm doing this with a dating service ... but, I've been couped up working for 75 hours a week and going to school full time over the past 6 months and have found it difficult to find the perfect woman. I left that job, and now have (some) free time, so what the hell...


I'm a fun loving guy who's laid back and down to earth. I'm wanting to spend quality time with a special lady who through our friendship maybe more can bloom.


Hello, How's it going? Hope you are doing well :) Come and say hi sometime.


Hi, my name is "Angus". Just so you don't have to read through all these pages I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 26, live in Bloomington, and a chiropractic student (less than a year to go). I've been told that I'm really cool (that's what my little brother says anyways). But I tend to agree with him. I enjoy playing or watching sports, ntn trivia, working out, dancing and laughing. I do laugh at myself alot but I really prefer laughing at others.


Hey all you fellow single single people. I'm looking for an answer to the question of why is it so hard to meet people in LA? I think this service is a step in the right direction. I'm open to anything, always looking to laugh and have a good time. Life is short so let's talk!


Am I your Romeo? Are you my Juliet? I have been looking for you if you can answer yes to either question or both.


male 43 musician songwriter recoeding engineer 5 10 225 lbs long black hair brown eyes /has ben told over again i am handsome/romantic warm loving single and looking





Im just a Saint looking for some FUN. So whatever you want to do, we could do.


Hows it going.If i get your attention thats good.




I am the shy guy......




hi , im a single human that does not to sleep alone,i am a warm good hearted man,i recently (2 months ago) had my heart ripped out by surprise,i have repaired it and now need that special woman in my life.i am a above the knee amputee from a work accident,i get around fine,am very passionet,loving and the best cook i ever met.i have two dogs (kids)like to fish and eat them,i am a veteran,


Fun loving, open-minded, honest guy looking for same!


Looking for my Knight in shining armour


My name is chris Rose I can get you a pic if you have yahoo plus I have a webcam I can let you view if you have yahoo messenger.


24 year old hispanic lady.Looking for fun with a mature confident man.Not looking for commitment or relationship,but I am keeping those opptions open.I enjoy all typical dating events such as movies,diner,ext. But most of all I love to go dancing to hip-hop,R&B,and some tecno.Having rythem and moves on the floor is not a must,but is a plus.







Honest, sincere artist looking to be inspired...



Whats up my name is danielle. I'm 5'3 brow hair green eyes great bod. I am looking for a guy that wont play games and wants a serious relationg ship.


Just happened to stumble upon this site so I thought I would check it out. Drop by and say hello!



I'm a 25 year old man, living in NJ. (And hopefully leaving soon.) My life has taken me to some strange places, which have made me even stranger. I can't quite think of a good way to accurately describe myself. Right now I'm a teacher's assistant in a before and after school program. That means that I spend most of my day playing kickball and helping third and fourth graders with their homework. It's a pretty nice job. When I have the money to take a few classes here and there, I'm an english major. I write ad nauseum about just about everything. I also play bass and sing in a punk band. We're a dying breed, but there are some real punks left. I love animals, and am certainly not a vegitarian. Sorry, I don't think about Bambi's mom when I eat a venison steak. If you'd like to know more, send me a message.



Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me? I am a somewhat twisted soul who is longing for a person to share my life with. I am uniquely different and hope to find the same in a mate. There is nothing as sweet and moving than human touch. I want passion, love, laughing, and making it through the tough times together. I want to find my Yoko for my John if you understand that. I suppose you would say I am attractive and in good shape...stimulate my mind...leave the rest behind.


Is there anyone out there who just wants to be friends and hang out? I am a fun, somewhat outgoing party girl who likes to go out and have a good time as often as I can. I'm looking for a few fun, adventurous people who will join me for club hopping and party crashing.


I have learned that a woman wants a man who is sensitive, caring, understanding, and resourceful, resolute, strong. A man who regards her as an equal, all the while acknowledging the little girl inside that seeks protection and comfort. A gentle, sensitive lover who sometimes tosses her about the bed like a Raggedy Ann doll. A man who listens to her vent, keeps track of her PMS days :~(, and who offers heartfelt advice when sought (mind-reading helps too :) ) All in all, a man who is not afraid of oxymorons. I love loving. I am a consummate dad. I enjoy reading and writing, both prose and poetry. I am looking for a woman who is willing to blend her best attributes with my own, supporting each other's weaknesses, to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts; all the while not foregoing our individuality. Too much to ask for? Well then, call me the dreamer of the impossible dream.




Hello, I am not looking for games or anything too involved. I like to go to outdoor concerts and events such as fairs , sports ect... I am self reliant and not looking for anything but some fun, a few laughs, and maybe meet someone to spent some time with. I am into hard rock and dancing out at the clubs. Not much of a drinker but can party with the best of em. Prefer someone with similar taste so if you like country music put the mouse down and walk away!


I am a kind generous person, who is looking for a romantinc guy to spend time getting to know--and see what happens. I am not into games.


Wanna jump out of a plane?



Hi :) My name is Cat, im 15 years old from NY. I love singing and athletics. I love guys that play guitar and i dont have any particular type of guy. I'm just looking fo rsomeone i can talk to that will open up and understand me, but nothing serious. I also Love Jesus and i would love a guy that is Christian who loves the lord too.


I'm a sweet guy, who likes to play around on a sunny day. I never like to waste away my day so i spend it sleeping. When I am up I am probably working, going to school, working out in the gym, or thinking about you! I am not a funny man but I do have my moments. If you think i'm just like every other guy you have wrong, because there is no person in the world that you could compare me to. If you want to test my theory just ASK ME OUT :-P


Looking for someone special???? Perhaps it's right here!!!! I am tired of the "bar scene" and am looking for someone that can be as open and honest as I am in regards to a relationship. I am not into the head games that some people play and want to find someone that feels the same way. Are you that person???? Send me a message and let's find out!!!!


hi,my name is steve.i,m a 35 d/w/m looking to start a new relationship with someone in west central pennsylvania or someone who is willing to relocate. i have children i boy who is 10 and a daughter who is 7. i don't smoke nor do i drink.i don't do drugs and not into head games or heart games. i can be very romantic,caring understnding,loving,and supportive. if you think you would like to know more about me drop me a line email



I am a happy,healthy,honest,and easy going guy. I am retired military, I have been divorced for 5 years, and I am ready to have someone to share my life with.


Hi everyone. I am an cute Italian Female who loves to cuddle, laugh, and have a good time. I like to just cuddle up and relax with the man I'm with. I also like to be wild and go out and have a good time with him too. I love sports bikes, and I love a man that rides them. I do ride and plan to buy my bike soon.Well hope to hear from you soon.Hope you like my pictures.


Gentleman Looking for A Nice Lady


Hey there, Hope you find this interesting. It's all true, to the best of my knowledge! I haven't done this online thing before but here I am......


Hi I am an asian american , grew up in california, working in the computer field for a logistic company. love to travel, hike, outdoor and water activities, intelligent conversation and laugh up a storm. been to yosemite and alaska and they were beautiful. London and australia were great also. i moved to hawaii this year . the weather is incredible . lots of sun and fun i know, its far. just a thought i am in hot- mail and its under mkansas hope to hear from you have a wonderful year




Just moved to ATL, looking for a few friend to hang out with and have some real fun.


how's it going, just lookin to have fun.