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I'm a rare breed of self-assured singleness ,warmth, and generosity...



Hi, I'm trying this with the hope of meeting someone nice...


Hi I'm an 18 year old girl, I'm a student and I'm looking for possible romance, or a new friend. Blossom is my soccer nickname


Hey. Well, this should be interesting. Ummm...I guess I'm supposed to put something catchy and memorable here. I bet advertising exec's can do really awesome personals. I'm not an advertising exec, though, so this will just be lame. Have fun.


I am probably the most down to earth person you will ever meet! I'm a laid back, funny kinda guy! I love to make people laugh! Hey, its free, ya know? I started up a local band in Maryland with some friends. to love it! My favorite music is pretty much based on our style of play. It combines punk, rock, reggae and dub music for that nice original stylee.



For anybody who reads this, I'm just looking for a platonic relationship right now, somebody to spend time with and get to know better...if it develops into something more, great. If not, no hard feelings. I just want someone who likes me for who I am. That's all...


If you are looking for a hard bodied, air headed, "I'll just have a salad", barbie type, then I wish you all the luck. But if you're searching for the kind of friendship, love, fun and intimacy that a real woman has to offer, then read on! I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys with whom I spend a great deal of time doing everything from band competitions to football games to riding go karts. We love the outdoors and enjoy camping, swimming and just walking around the mtns and lakes. I'm a "low maintenance" kinda girl who is just as comfortable at the symphony as sitting on the couch with a movie rental and a cold Bud. I have a successful career and am NOT looking for a scapegoat or "sugar daddy"...just someone who enjoys everything that life has to offer and is as tired of doing everything alone as I am.


All of the good ones are not taken!



Hi. My name is Chris. I'm looking for someone for possible long-term relationship, no games. No games don't mean we still can't have lots of fun though!


Hello, I would like to be your friend. Currently I am waiting for the away team to return from the planet below. If I hear Number One ignoring the prime directive one more time, I'll just have to leave his happy ass behind. Well, I see myself as an explorer of life and would love to cross the many culutures on this journey, feel free to email me at, thanks.


37 year old Canadian man visiting the Ukraine in April hopes to begin a nice correspondence with a nice lady in her late 20's (or so). Hello, my name is Brian and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am 185 and 85K. I live with my pets, and work in a government office. I am taking the train through the Ukraine, and am free to visit any region that my one and only may live. I am an honest and decent man who has simple wishes of an honest and loyal lady who wishes a better life with a sincere man on the other side of the world. I wait for you, Brian


Just a poor farmboy "lookin for love"!


I am a 49 y/o male,considered attractive by most standards.My best assets are a warm smile and kind heart.



Hi!I am looking for someone to have a relationship with-whether it be friends or something more(right person only).


Sophisticated,Real Estate Professional and Plus Model/Makeup Artist seeks YOU!



I'm a laid back person, looking for a nice lady to love, and have fun with.



hey ladies, Well theres not much to say about me because id rather tell you in person over a nice candle light dinner or while watching the sunset......most would describe as a gentlman and a very respectable guy who has good of teh best thing about me is taht i was taught "woman are a gift from God and like him tehy should be cherished and respected" and i stand by that......a lil description about me im 5'7 blond hair, green eyes, 178lbs. and im built....i am enrolling into college, and hope to major in psychology...and my favorite hobbie would be writing ladies if you think you want treated like the princess you are then drop me a line or even call me on my cell at 243-4064 ask for don......well talk to you later@};-


I want to find someone to love me as much as I love them.


I am a contented person with many interests and am comfortable being by myself. However, I would like to find true happiness and grow old with another person. Life is so beautiful and so much better when it is shared.


Whant to E-mail Royalty? Then E-mail me at because I'm the 37'th great grandson of King Edward of England.


I'm supposed to be really funny and spontaneous here, but I'm not gonna be. I enjoy a lot of different things. I have several groups of friends, the party animals, the intellectuals, and the other miscellaneous groups. I enjoy good movies, good food, and social drinking. Basically, I'm looking for a girl to talk to either romantically or otherwise.



I'm 18 year old Senior from Hercules, CA. I'm Straight Edge(I never smoke, drink, do drugs) I am a musician who plays guitar, bass, and sing. I love writing Poetry and reading Poetry by Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. I love exercising and working out. I love going to shows local and big concerts. I love hanging out with people and having deep conversations. I'm outgoing, spirited, and very friendly. I just want someone I can treat like a queen and won't play games and break my heart. I just want to find love.


Hi, I am 18 and I am just tired of watching all my friends get married and date. I'd love to meet someone nice and funny. I like to laugh and I want to be able to talk honestly to whatever person you may be. I just know that I am going to meet absolutely wonderful friends here; who knows, maybe even more ;)



are you the one for me


I find myself living in a world of realism.. I see the world we live in at this point very sexually frustrated. I see a world where people seem to look for "the one" who they will be with for the rest of their lives. Happily ever after. I know most people are stopped from feeling and experiencing each and every pleasure around due to religion. I found that the most freeing aspect of my life, was when I figured that any god that was judging and hateful, seeking revenge on those who do not follow them, and condeming those who do, is not for me. I find that guilt and shame seem to keep us from pleasure. Well, not for me, not any more. I live a life of pleasure, and seek only those who feel the same. I like most all music, Especially Goth,Indie, and mostly everything from the Smiths to Marvelous Three. I am very fun and love adventure. I do have to say one thing. I am mainly attracted and looking for a red head. Some say they are crazy and like a fire cracker, but that is what I like. The right red head could tame this hurt heart and mend it to monogamy. My other look I might seek is the pale, pale skin of a dark haired one. These are the two most beautiful of women. I have never been approached by a blond, but who knows. In my family, I am known as? The black sheep What do I expect on a first date? At least A hug at the end, and a lot of fun during. What's my favorite season? Winter What would I want to have if I were stranded on a deserted island? A book and a beautiful woman. What do I tend to daydream about? The future What bothers me most? Unfinished projects The coolest toy ever is... Lincoln Logs™ The perfect escape is a... Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans





Nice guy for nice girl


Hi, Im a college student at Pine Manor College.My major is Visual Arts, concentration in photography. And Im looking for a guy with a good sense of humor, who is caring and thoughtful. I'd like a guy who is easy going like I am. Im also looking for a guy who is smart, intelligent, and kindhearted. And one more thing that attracts me are guys that have great eyes!




Hi, My Name is John. I'm looking for a friend that will always be there. I have never had one, that would be like that as of yet! I Know that girl is out there somewhere!


Intelligent, good-looking guy seeking same qualities in a woman...


I'm a sincere,kind, honest,warm and caring man who is looking for a sincere honest caring man too, who wants a monogamous LTR (Long Term Relationship) full of old fashioned romance, hand holding, moonlight strolls, cuddling by a warm fire together, and candelight suppers together. I'm a retired professional in the field of education and psychology. I'm tired of games and I hate bars and one night stands. I don;t smoke or drink. I'm healthy and happy but looking for that special man in my life to make it complete. We can start as just friends and see where life leads us from there.



Just Wanting Some Fun



I enjoy outside activites, such as boating, biking, camping (evenings by the fire), and walks in the neighborhood, on the beach, and in the mountains. I like indoor pursuits as well, like: dancing, movies, romantic dinners, picnics, and sitting together by a fireside and reading. I enjoy just doing things together, even cooking a dinner or washing a car can be fun. While I like togetherness, I am also independent and enjoy pursuing my own interests. I love people ( especially my family and friends. Belonging to clubs and organizations interest me as well. I find lively discussions stimulaitng and fun. Oh yes, I am a good audience for those who have a sense of humor.


Hi, okay I think everything you need to know is in the profile so keep going you'll finish eventually.


Looking for someone real.


What's up- I'm a chill guy. I am a professional golfer and i am really hot according to everyone that knows me for me . I am looking for something casual or maybe serious but that can get intimate at any moment. Take it easy!


A single friendly guy who is looking to meet a friendly lady.



Hi! How's that for an introduction. But enough of that, let me tell you about me. I'm a swell guy, one of the nicest I know. And I know a lot of people. I'd also say I'm a good looking fella. I know how to make people laugh, and I also know how to laugh, and that's important. I'm a musician, and a darn fine one at that. And to top it all off, I'm incredibly modest. As a matter of fact, I'm probably one of the most modest people I know as well. If there were modesty contests, I'd be a top contender indeed. So feel free to write and chat and all that good stuff. Talk to you soon!


Hi! I'm new to this kind of matchmaking. I hope to find someone that will be for life. Friendship is a good foundation to start a relationship.


Hey to let you know a little about me. I have lived in Vancouver Wa. all my life and know this town very well. I have a very big heart, love to play sports, talk to people, and I love to love my son with all my heart. I am a family man I go to work pay my bills early very early and in all my relationsips I have learned what has gone wrong and how to fix me. I have worked at the same job for five years and like what I do very much. I also get tear jerkers in very good movies. Some things it takes to have a very successful relationship are communication with out communication things get shoved underneath a rug and fester up over a long period of time and blow up. is like the foundation of a relationship without trust comes insecurity and that becomes a major problem in a relationship. Honesty, without being honest to the one you love it soon becomes lies, untrustworthy, and insecurity wich destroys a relationship. Love would be the other one love is like the shelter when its stormy outside and you need to feel safe, there are so many words for love that I can't even put it all in this introduction. I am also very romantic and I can get into more about that at a later time. Well thats about it..there are so many more things that I would love to share with you.


hello ladies i am greg and i just want to meet some fun ladies to have a good time with if something developes from it then great if not at least i will have a new friend..if this sounds good to u let me know.


I am thirty eight, and single. looking for some to either hang out with or perhaps begin a relationship. I am looking for somone who is fun to be with. I am six foot four, about 215lbs. brown eyes. I enjoy music, exercise, movies,ect,ect.




Looking for fun, respect, appreciation, a man who knows how to treat a lady the right way and is not still attached to his Mother. Must hold down a job and not be a total crackhead.Must be sarcastic and enthusiastic with a good head on your shoulders. Smokers and social drinkers a-o.k. No drunks or psychopaths. Must also like kids as I am a single mother of 3.






Searching For the real romance from now till ...... ?????


Im an attractive,honest caring SWF.Looking for a gentleman of any race who has some of the same interests and qualities.I like travel,seen here ( little sis and I in Antigua) conversation, freindship and laughter. Honesty and a positive outlook is mega important.... I have no time for negativity. I have alot to offer to someone who is genuine.



Hi there... my name is Al. I am kind of new to this so be gentle with me. I would love to find "that special person" to share my life with.


Looking for that special someone!


Hi... I'm a professional English guy who is looking for someone adventurous and willing to explore all those exciting little areas that most of us think about just before we go to sleep. Hopefully we can explore those things together. Let me know about your exciting little areas!




Every journey starts with the 1st step


I am looking for a long term relationship with an attractive,thin to medium build,friendly,honest person that has a good sense of humor and enjoys just having fun being together and doing just about anything.


I'm a very loving & caring person. Looking for someone who is the same way. I enjoy taking walks, watching movies, going to church & enjoy talking to people.




Single father of one seeking some fun and romance in life, Instrested in meeting that Princess that seeks her knight. I am open to a Casucal releationship and or romantic one that is based on comittment when the time is right Single mom's welcomed


Down to Earth intelligent blk guy looking for love.


I am a single parent. I am looking for some one to love me as well as my son. I am 5'6 124 lbs, brown eyes and hair with a slim build. I am out going, caring, loves kids, love being outdoors, good since of humor, outgoing, sincere, a good listener. I like to go camping, hiking, skiing, walking in the park


32 year old male, looking for the real deal! No bull, been through that, ready to find my better half!




Thanks for looking at my profile. This is all new to me, I'm not a bar room type of person so I figured that I would give this a try. I always enjoy meeting people and making new friends. I'm a true New England Girl who has a love for life and nature. When I have free time, I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing and traveling. Its been awhile since I've had the chance to get out and do the things I love the most...but the nice weather is soon approaching. I am looking to find someone to share some of my adventure in life with.Whether on a friendly basis or a romantic one. Its nice to have someone to share things with. Looking forward to hearing from you.



looking for fun and romance.


I am a BI women who like to have fun.. I like long walks, going to movies, or just sitting home around a fire.. I also like to workout about 3 times a week.. I am attractive women with a lot of spit fire.. If you would like to know more about me, just email me!


I'm a single, white female who likes to have fun. I'm looking for someone to be pen pals with or hopefully , would like to be my friend with the same common interests that I have. I'm a down to earth person and I don't like to play games. I'm looking for an honest and sincere person to just have fun. Give me a try, you might just find that I'm the best friend you ever had.




swm in search of fun loving girl to spend lonely nights with


Seeking Relationship



"Hello",I'd like to thank all the ladys.For thinking of me,By reading my profile.


Hello, I am simply interested in you if you are reading this right now. Why don't you drop me a line and tell me what movie you are interested in seeing next,for an icebreaker. I am ok. I hope to hear from you,real soon.


I find it interesting that this catigory came up at the end of all the questions. I would just like to say that I'm a very honest sincere always the gentlemen. I'm very romantic caring giving and beleive that the only way to treat a women is like my personal queen I will not harm you and will never cheat or deceive you. If you take a chance on me and we click only the bestcan come of it. And by the way don't take all the answers here to seariously they don't leave room for additions and comments, just ask me I'll answer any honest question you ask.


The best words to describe myself would be sweet country lady. Camping, hiking, riding 4 wheelers, gardening, canning, playing guitar and chess, reading and enjoying life in every way I can. I'm a capricorn, so by nature I am a hard worker. I manage 3 medical offices. My 2 children are now 21 and 20. I'm an avid animal lover. My motto is not to worry about the little things. Basically what I am hoping to find are friends. I'm not looking for prince charming...My life is wonderful, with the exception of companionship. If romance would spark from a friendship...Then that would be great. You will find me to be a very happy person who doesn't look for a man to define me...I enjoy intelligent conversation and sometimes find that lacking in my life




Hello, (B/M seeking B/M) I would like to meet someone who is free spirited, with a great sense of humor, loves to travel, no emotional hangups, bringing 50/50 to the friendship and/or relationship. I like to party occassionally, casual drinker, non-smoker. I love to cruise flee-markets, swap meets and antique houses. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi, Im a devorced 41 yr. old with a single child, I love the outdoors, and animals. Im interested in child behavior, People say Im funny, I dont try to be it just naturally happens, I am very outspoken, I do say what is on my mind. Im tired of being alone, but I also dont want no one night stands I want a friend, who will take the good with the bad. Im clean cutt, and expect a clean cutt partner. Im not no couch potatoe, but I do enjoy news, and some movies.


Hi. I am looking for a compassionate and caring man between the ages of 40-50 who will be supportive of my endeavors and enjoys family and friendship. Please do not reply if you are a person who needs to be in control of a relationship, unemployed, or use illicit drugs for recreation.



Sorryaboutnot having my picture to see. It did't have in i JPEG for so I couldn't uploa it.But if you want to see me, i will surely send you a picture. I am a ver sweet and kind person. I repect most everyone in this world and I always give instead of take. I love to listen and make the girl I amwith feel terrific about themselves. I am very shy until you get to know me. I love to relax as much as possible and watch movie and snuggle. I am a full time college student and i play college lacrosse. I am athletic, smart, and a decent looking guy, which i cant really say about mysef, you have t determine that. I love cars, especially mine. I am willing to do anything andevrything, love meeting new people, partying, and dancing sometimes. I can go on, but wont, i will leave some to surprise, especially the reason why I picked my user name....