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Hi there I'm Russ. I live in Chico,Ca (Northern Ca) and work in teh bay area. I'm 32, divorced and have two beautiful daughters. I have been seperated for a little over two years now, and I'm ready to try the "dating" scene again. I, like so many others I have read and heard about, am not into the bar scene. I do like to go out every once and a while with friends and have fun. I'd like to meet a woman that is ready to settle down, and enjoy what life has to offer. I love to camp, and go on road trips around Cali. There is so much to see in this state, and many things worth seeing over and over again. I'm looking for a woman that is emotionally stable, fun, and open to new things, or even to show me new things. So, if this is you, get in touch with me and let me know. Russ


Hi! I'm a 27 yaer old, divorced white female.I have two children,with whome i love more then life itself. I am tied of the games some men play. I just want someone who i can share fun times with and not have to worry about the dumb games. I love the beach and fishing,and I love to watch the sun come up. I also like to dance and go to clubs to have a little fun.


Party Prncess


Stop looking and open your eyes, you will see, one of those hard to find old-fashion country woman who loves to sew, cook, bake, canning, garden, and most of all my children. Would love to share my interests in animals, hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor activities, long walks, antiques, garage sales/flea markets with you. Get to know me and you will find a loving, gentle, funny, honest, very sensually romantic, dedicated and understanding Proverbs 31 Woman.


Hello i am a guitarest looking for new love


Hey girls, My name is Jacob and I'm an 18/m from Wisconsin. I go to school at UW-Parkside. I'm single and looking so if you wanna chat some time then let me know.







well i'm Jason zipperer i have strang last name but i'm differnt cause i'm a cowboy i have a 4-wheeler and i like the outdoors i love to treat a ladie right the kind that sweeps u off ur feet and fall in love with that would be me i have manner's that you would not believe i no how to treat a ladie like alabama said a ladie down on her love i'm a very cheerful person and always has a sence of humor that would be me i like anything that come to be country i like rock as well not much just a little and if u can't get me here my s/n is spicerum as well. well i'm a very simply person and very easy going as u now no. well let me move on so i can get on to the show


I am an honest, open minded guy looking for a sweet girl to cherish life with.


I'm a single woman with the two greatest kids in the world. They spend every other weekend at their dads, which gives me some time to "get away". I' m extremely independent, confident, and am very matter- of-fact in my conversation. I'm very sure of who I am and where I' m going, and I enjoy being around a man who feels the same about himself. I'm not looking for a love connection, just someone who shares some of my interest, and can carry on a decent conversation. I absolutely love the outdoors and try to exercise out doors as much as possible. I enjoy hiking and biking and would love someone daring enough to teach me how to ride a dirt bike or ATV. I love music just as much as the outdoors. Right now I'm hooked on Toby Keith, Led Zepplin, Creed(my favs),Staind, Andreas Vollenweider. Basically I like all kinds of music, it helps get you into different moods. Well just looking for someone to hang out with whenever our schedules allow, and have some fun. P.S. I have a weakness for blondes.


Hey, Right now I am just looking for friends, would like to see where it goes. I am not one who rushes into things, learned my lesson on that one too many times already. And I honestly have to say, I try to stick with people within my own age, so if that's not a prob, Go ahead and leave me a message.


Looking for someone special.



How's it going? I'm Eve and right now I'm basically looking for someone who will show me a good time. I've been burned before and I'm somewhat cautious when it comes to relationships so I'm gonna take it easy. Alright?


Hello, my name is Mark I am a Leo and I am looking for true love. I have to say if you are on the rebound please do not bother to write to me. I am honest, sincere, passionate, fun loving and so much more. I am into fitness and healthy life style. I love to build things (hotrods, 4x4's) I am known as a clown at times but I do have a serious side too. I love children as I have one of my own, she lives with her mom but is with me two days a week. I am semi retired due to military and I would be happy to explain that if you have any questions. I love to dance, go hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and I am into candlight dinners and walks on the beach. If you have any questions feel free to ask , I do not do drugs & I am tattoo free, as well as disease free. If I sound like what you are looking for let me know > Mark





I am looking for my prince charming, and tired of kissing the frogs along the way. That someone would have to love doing outdoor activities, family activities, going for walks, bike rides, camping, pool is a big plus and darts. An all around fun, honest, loving guy would be a warm welcome to all those who say they are and end up not to be. If this is you, let me know.


Tired of the dating seen. Annoyed with getting to know someone who is totally incompatible. I would say i am looking for "that friend" in the movies who the star ends up finding out she was the reason for his happiness. "That friend" who is there for me all the time and never says i can't do something. I want a partner not a boss.


Hi my name is mick Im a college student, frat-boy, soldier and martial arts instructor. I enjoy picnics, day trips, cooking, quite nights at home and staying fit


Hi-I am a single mom of 2 and am looking for a friend first relationship w/someone who is not self-centered, who like to laugh and have a good time. if you like to laugh and have fun, e-mail me back at this address and we'll talk..until then, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!




in search of a friend to share fun times with and experience life


19-25yrs.only please!



seeking good woman to share life with



hello everyone,i'm chana,and would very much like to meet a special someone.i would be glad to tell u more,lets just see what happens {smile}


Have you met an individual that makes you instantly feel welcome? The kind of feeling that comes over you after you have walked away…. that makes you turn back and take another look. If you enjoy a Mature Man treating with respect… here I am. Prepare your Mind & Spirit to be treated as a Lady.



Hi, I am a 17 year old female in the 12th grade. (I'll be 18 in August). I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 5'8", and about 160lbs. I am sweet, sensitive, fun-loving, and honest. I love going to the beach, movies, skating, music, writing, and reading. I especially love writing poetry and letters! I am a christian. If you wanna know more just ask...I'll be glad to tell you.



Hi there, I am a more than average woman looking for a more than average man. If you are only looking for sex, dont waste your time or mine by writing me. I need more in a man than just a penis. If this sounds like you, send me a note. I promise I will write you back as soon as I get the chance.



Welcome to my Lair


Hi, I'm an 18 year old looking for a good looking nice sweet guy to take to my 12th grade prom holla back!


I'm looking for a tall, cute, sweet guy who likes to have fun and spend time together. He must be honest, and trustworthy. Good hygene is a plus too ;)


hi. i am Ronnie-33-w/m-thin-160-6ft-very long straight strawberry blonde/ice blue eyes-i have a 12 y.o.daughter-long beach calif- i juggle two career's, to see pic goto into water/snow/off road sports,comedy,concerts,road trips,,tropical surroundings,attending/watching sporting events. loyal,honest,funny,fun,spontaneous,active,daring,outgoing. into & all about fun. untill then!


Hi, I'm Italian, 5' 7" 170lbs. brown hair and eyes; 2 grown children on their own; self-employed and looking for a lover first and if we really get along I want to re-marry some day. I like to travel and I'm comfortable in New York City as well as Nashvillle, Tn. I also like to camp out and picnic. Don't be shy, I won't bite (unless you want me to that is!) let me hear from you.



Hi, I would like to say that I appreciate you reading my profile. I have not done this kind of "people" meeting, but it is worth a try. I try to be honest as I can and not hide things just because I am on-line. What you read is what you get. thanks


Hi - it's just me.....


I bid my greetings to all ladies who are reading this message. I am a normal guy trying out a dating service to prove a point to myself, I am not good with women. I have no idea, I try my best to treat them right and god knows how many times I have wasted my entire weeks pay on just a silly little gift for the girl I am with. Well I guess you can go ahead onto the next guy, that is if you havent already. However if you wish then please continue.


Hi, my name is Ken. I enjoy being in the outdoors, you know camping, fishing,or just a peaceful walk in the woods.I'm honest, hard working and I'm addicted to romance, candle lite dinners, cuddling on the couch on rainy days watching a good movie,warm bubble baths and soft music. I enjoy working in my garden growing corn,tomatoes,beans,watermelen, cantelope,etc..., I'm currently remoldeling my house. I love my life but dont want to walk through it alone.I aint looking for a maid and I dont need a nanny. My Mom taught me how to cook, clean and wash cloths. And I give a pretty good massage!!




Don't really know what to say, theres alot about me I'd like people to know, yet it seems so impersonal to write it on here. I'm 19 from Weymouth, Ma. I'm very family oriented and very lovable. I'm just the perfect combination of Sugar and Spice. I love to have fun and do crazy things, but I know when it's time to be mellow and chill out. very open-minded and out spoken but know when to keep my opinions to myself. If I sound like someone you'd like to know, drop me a line...I don't bite =)




Meat was a nickname given to me when I was little (Don't worry b/c it means nothing!). I don't like to put my pic up on the net so if you'd like a picture of me just ask and you shall recieve.





Incredible down-to-earth guy!! Funny, sensible, handsome, loving and alot of fun to be with. I believe in romance and treating a woman the right way. You can't go wrong if you choose me! I'm sorry I don't have a photo right now but, I can give one out upon request.


My name is Dallas Brown. I am 20 years-old. I am currently attending Salt Lake Community College, working towards my degree in Computer Science. I graduated from Jordan High School in 2000. I work as a computer programmer. I love to do just about everything. I love to have fun, and hang out with friends. I love to watch and play lacrosse. I also enjoy football. I love to watch movies, going to plays. You name it, I enjoy it. I am also open to trying new things.


hey ladie's...


I'm a comical kind of guy, who is sencere, intelligent, whitty and just an overall nice guy. I guess I'm looking for someone to make my life that much better. It's like finding $20 on the street or winning the lottery or even finding out you're being auditted by the IRS. With these kinds of things going on in your life, having someone there with you makes it all better. It brightens up a bad day and it makes a good day seem like the greatest day ever! Someone who is funny, cute and sincere(no phonies). Those are all admirable qualities I desire in a friend. I have a lot more things I find attractice in the opposite sex, but let's face it, beauty is both blonde and brunette. It is both tall and short. It is both seen and hidden. Drop me a line. If nothing else, you'll make the $20 I pay for internet a month a little more justifiable. I seek happiness! Simple as that ladies!


Hi! Its me! You know, That crazy red head your father wished he had!



Hello, 31 y.o guy here from So. California. Professional. I work in the Medical Field (ER. I'm a very fun person to be around with. I enjoy traveling and have traveld around the world. I have neve been married nor have any children, but would like some one day:)and of course along with that special love of my life, so where are you?


I am a child loving guy. I have a child at home with me and she is the center of my world. The sun rises and sets with her. I would like to think I am a nice person to good people, well if you are a jerk then that is what I will be in return. I really have no clue on what to say, that is a first for me. Oh well hope to hear from you


I am free spirited type of person,that likes to have fun.I'm also a very caring and kind hearted.Looking for someone who is the same way but likes to carry on a conversation nobody that is boring looking for someone african american and is in the romantic type of way and is full of exciting adventures.Anyone that falls under what I'm looking for please reply.


Can you be the one to prove that all women aren't evil?


Confident single guy looking for cool chick.


I'm Paul and I live in Northern Virginia... Age & Gender: 52-year-young male. Body Style: Athletic. 5'" 7 159#. Blue eyes, great calves, glowing eyes and a GREAT smile!!! I teach awesome Step Aerobics classes. Background: PA born, NY raised and CA bred. Religion: Christian (was Methodist now Hedonist). Education: Graduate School. Occupation: Communications Specialist, Myers-Briggs Consultant, Information Technology Consultant, and Fitness Professional. Myers-Briggs Profile: ESFJ. Marital Status: Divorced. Have 2 sons who are my best friends. More On Me... I'm the perpetual "badboy" hiding in black tuxedo; the one your mom warned you about. I try to live life to its fullest. I believe in going out to create it versus waiting for it to knock on my door. The cornerstone word in my life is balance. Since I'm Pennsylvania born, New York raised and California bred, I believe I have a good blend of East and West coast lifestyles. I have a BS in math and a MS in Computer Science, but if I were to do it over, I'd probably study Psychology. I'd like to meet someone with similar interest and qualities. I challenge you to intrigue me. My Persian, Pishi, said he wants a can of tuna fish when you knock on the door the first time you visit. My favorite personal quote is: "You make a living by what you get; you make a life what you give." Another is "The only reason to look down on a person is to help them up." P.S. And I know that the only word with 5 consecutive vowels is "queueing."


I asked my lucky star tonight to make my wish come true, I must have not wished hard enough, For I am still missing you. With every day that passes by, I try to forget your smile, Your gentle touch and tender kiss makes each passing day worth while. I wish that I could hold you tight for a breif moment in time, To be able to say you were with me, and to say that you are mine. The star I wished upon tonight didn't make my fantasy come true, Because you are still so far away and I am still missing you.


Hi there! I just want to say that honesty will win my heart and hope it does yours. I am a father of 3 girls, 4, 21, and 30. Now that you have digested that, I just want to say that I share joint custody with my youngest and she is my life. I am family oriented and can and do share my time well with anyone who is involved with me. I am looking for someone who is not afraid of the fact that I have a little one at my age. Someone who is caring, honest, loving, and above all, romantic. I will supply a pic. This site limits the size of pics to upload and mine are all above that size.




Hi, I am looking for a lasting relationship with someone special that can accept a lot of attention and be there when I need her but still be able to be on her own. I am not looking for a person to follow or lead me thru life just be by my side and share our lifes ups and downs together. If you are looking for someone to care for you like you should be, but able to let you be yourself at the same time please contact me. I have alot to offer and would love to show you.


I'm a professional afro-american male w/a sleek athletic build. I'm 6'1" tall and about 197lbs. I studied Ti-Chi for 23 yrs. I'm considered to be a handsome, very sexy, and classy person. I'm into sports, working out, dancing, fine dining, the beach, and romantic candle light dininers. I'm searching for a women w/ similar qualities. Race is no issue. Honesty a must! Are you out there?




Been divorced a little more than a year now. Havent been with anyone in that time. I guess its kinda of a trust thing. The X decided she wanted out of the marriage due to personality differences. It tore my heart out, so it would be understandable why I've been single so long. I think its about time to come out of that, its getting very lonely around here.



Holding out for a hero...


I know this sounds cliche, but I really do, just want someone to hold.




Hi, This is all knew to me. I like meeting people and thought this would be fun!!! I am single and bored. Well that sounds dull:) I do not have children....but I love being around them. I enjoy spoiling my nieces and nephews. I enjoy most everything. Reading, walks, movies. puzzles....talks....quiet trying knew things....donot like falling down when trying to rollerskate :( I would love getting e-mails. Looking at what I wrote I guess I am SHY.


hi my name is crystal i'm swf 23, mother of 2. i'm 5"7 135lbs. brown hair and eyes. i enjoy just about anything life has to offer me


Hello: This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so bare with me. My name is Jesse and I am 26 years. I enjoy going out as well as staying in a snuggling. I am always looking for an adventure. So I say let the adventure begin.



Hi There.. i am a chinese man in Canada. came from china 5 ys ago.. got my MBA in USA and working in Toronto as a financial Advisor. hope can find a girl friend here... are you have feeling on me(;))? i really belive in that. lets meet for a dinner and see what will end up....


Hello Ladies, I'm a 39y/o black male, looking for my soul mate. Someone who is open and honest looking for someone, who will treat you the same way you treat them


Hello ladies ,your prince has arrived! my name is Danny i live in Naples florida ,i am a good guy with a really big heart ,i like the movies ,romantic dinners [yes, i said something in the relationship of romance] yes a man that like romance!!! i will treat a lady the way that she deserves to be treated , bottem line i am the ultimate lover boy! i fell that i am a good looking man i will try to post a picture on this service for you to see then you can decide and let me know ok !? hope to be hearing from you ,your friend to be Danny



If you're looking for a challenge, you just found it.....


hi i am 41 years old very energetic female. who is very faithful when in a relationship. i have a 17 year old daughter whom i love very much. cause she is a very good girl never had any problems with her. looking for a faithful man. drinks but is not an acoholic.





HELLO: i always have wandered is there anyone out there for me.. i guess time will tell..


Hello, I am a fun loving female who loves to dance, dine out occasionally, go for walks or hikes and loves to sing. I am Romantic and love to laugh.



Slightly used 1975 heart and soul free to good owner.



hi, im looking for a honest girl ,and no games please cuz i am looking for relationship.