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Wanna ridethe rainbowwith me?


Whatsup homie gees out there! ;-) Come hook up with me and we'll have a weird,groovy and unforgettable time together doing anything your little heart desires...(i know what you're thinking*wink*)lol Open-minded and "weird" as they like to call me...just fun, unusal, and enjoying living with me,myself, and I! Peace and love ~


Well...everything is pretty much said in my profile except that I'm a warm, caring and very lovable woman. I can spend hours on the phone with the right person but can also chill casually in person. I believe in living comfortably, love at first site and I'm a huge believer in fate...everything happens for a reason. So I guess my Prince Charming must be out there somewhere.(reading this intro)


Just looking for an angel......


Hi, my name is Dave. I enjoy going out and having fun. I am looking for someone to go out and have fun with. I enjoy music and a variety of activities. I also enjoy intimate evenings and one on one time.


Hi. Let's give this a shot. Would be nice to meet a fun, honest, attractive woman who I enjoy being and enjoys being with me.


im just a guy loooking for a sweet sexy lady


HELLO! If you decide to read down my profile, you may find out more than you need to know lol, but if you made it this far ------


Hello. I am a loving African-American female. I am seeking a loving,caring, fun loving African-American man to share my life with.


Whats up all? I am a 19 year old college student in Nebraska. In the summers I live in Grand Island. And during the school years, I live in Columbus but its my last year here, and I will be heading to Lincoln next year. If ya interested in me, just email me alright? Well talk to you all laters. Buh Bye. Peace, Aaron


Hi! I am single looking for nice girl to be with and have fun with who can except me for who I am.


Kind, gentle man looking for kind, gentle lady.


lets see if this meet someone online thing works!!


I am 6ft, 194lbs, blue eyes. I enjoy playing guitar, art, and reading. I want to meet someone who enjoys the simple tings in life, as well as the good life. If this sounds like you, let's meet!!!



"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring." -- Oscar Wilde


Hello, I'm a graduate of Ohio State University. I'm a health care worker who is currently working at a local hospital. Within the next year or two, I hope to be attending medical school. My utlimate goal is to become a pediatrician. Becoming a doctor is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I love making people laugh (sometimes I'm not the best at doing this). Whether they are my patient in the hospital, a friend, coworker, or a stranger...I get a kick out of making people smile. I'm more attracted to inner-beauty than anything physical. A woman's beauty encompasses much more. Beauty is found by more than just a first impression. You have to know each other-become friends. This is just my philosophy, which usually ends with me falling for someone after we become friends. Sometimes I feel like I'm always finishing second to someone else.



STOP!!! I am the one you are looking for! Well at least I think I am. I am on a quest to find my soul-mate. It could be you. Are you willing to take the chance and pass me by? If so then we probably were never ment to be anyway (fate,destiny,etc.) If not, well you never know.....


I am a sigle person hoping to find the right person to start a relationship with. I enjoy anything out doors. My favorite are swimmig,hiking,and camping. I am an outspoken person at times and can be blunt at times. I enjoy going out to movies and to resteraunts to eat. My favorite is Italian and Mexican.


Hi, my name is Kandyce. I am a God fearing, saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost lady. My goal in life is to follow Christ and live out his "perfect" will. I expect my man to be the same as well. If you would like to get to know me better, please contact me. God bless!


Hi my name is lucas and i am looking for someone that is caring and nice to spend my time with someone that will treat me as i treat them



in search of my LADY.




Hello all you ladies looking for a good friend, and possibly more if the powers that be allow!


I'm currently a full time student. I am caring, honest, easy going, down to earth. I like to play sports, listen to music, work on cars, and watch movies. I am looking for someone interested in a long term relationship.


Hi, my name is Kim.I am a big and oh so cute black woman who just moved to New Jersey and I thought I better not waste any time. I need a man. I just moved here from Utah, (dont even ask) and the selection there wasnt to my liking. I'm gonna fill out this entire thing so read all of my profile and you'll see just what I'm about.


Who am I? I am a funny, smart, sensative, and caring guy. I love to have fun and not hard to please. I can be whatever a girl needs me to be (a friend, a romantic, a lover). I am a college graduate in computer science and a minor in business and administration. I also work part-time for a police department nearby. I have always believed that actions speak louder than words, so feel free to give me a chance. At the worst, you can gain a great friend. Make sure to leave an address so that i can respond back to you. P.S. DIRECTLY E. MAIL ME ATT CLEE1114 ATT H,O,T,M,A,I,L DOTT COM. OR IF YOU SEND ME A MESSAGE, PLEASE CREATIVELY LEAVE YOUR E. MAIL ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN GET BACK TO YOU. Pictures also available.



Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am 18 from the Columbus/ Galloway area. I like to go to clubs, movies, hang out with friends and just sit at home and relax.



Hi , I am looking for that soul mate that is out there. Someone who likes romantic nights snuggled on the couch. And taking late walks out under the stars and someone to tell your darkest secrets to. A friend, a lover and a soulmate forever. Is that someone really out there? You never know. Write me.


iam young and dumb but posses a good head on my shoulders. iam a pretty balanced guy and i love to learn new things. i love sports and health and i love to make people laugh but iam also caring and compationate





Hi I have a nice home in the woods. I share this home with my two dogs and three cats. As you can tell I love animals all kinds except snakes. I love to be outdoors rain or shine hot or cold. I love to go camping, fishing, hiking,biking, anything active. I get a kick out of motorcycles. I love to read and watch movies. I enjoy traveling and exploreing new places and different faces. I have a good sense of humor and enjoy being with my friends and family. I am forever a romantic always lighting candles and cooking romantic dinners. I am a low maintenance kind of girl I just grab my boots and jacket and I'm out of here.



Happy go-lucky and fun-loving guy with brains and charm


Hi.... that normaly how it starts.....


Looking For A Sweet-Heart With Good Sense Of Humor. Must Be Fun To Be Around Giggly OKay, Shy Even Better. Really Easy To Get Along With. Friends Okay, I Believe Ever One Begin There Anyway. Drop Me A Line If You Want To Hook Up 503-831-0765 Ask For Frank. Or E-mail Me At fwellman30 at Qwest Dot Net. Hope To Hear From You Later, Bye.


I am just a cute cook in Harrisburg, Pa looking for a food tester, hehhe.


Sex is my favorite subject. I guess when your not getting any it is the thing to talk about. Besides, I figured sex would catch peoples eye. Oh, well. I hate these introductions. I mean what the hell do you really say here????





Is there any Misstress for me?


im 24 blk fem. outgoing


My name is Lance Lockridge and I am studying to be a pharmacists here at Auburn University, Alabama. I love going out and partying if I have the right girl to go with that makes the time we spend together even more incredible. I would love to hear from you! AOL AIM: LockridgeAU


"I'm lookin' for me, your lookin' for you, we're lookin' in at each other and we don't know what to do." -The Who


What's up so if you like what you read and you want to meat someone that is careing and nice hit me up I'd love to hear from you. (Don't be scared) :)


Looking for a loving man who needs a loving, caring and beautiful woman.


I am a fun loving girl looking for a fun loving man. I am honest, caring, and lots of fun to be around. I enjoy all types of music and movies.


Hi there, I am looking for my Knight to come and sweep me off my feet. I am a very independent individual, witty, somewhat shy, looking for the "one".



Relaxed style,funny and sarcastic. Underatnding and passionate. What more could you ask for? Alot more,but here i am. Hollar at me if you want to have a good time.


Hey whats up. I am just a normal guy looking for a normal girl to date and maybe have a relationship. If I sound like your type e-mail me at






Life is like a box of chocolates- you can never tell what you are going to get.


Hi. I am looking for a women friend or a pen pal, more? -probably not. I am a very genuine, decent, sincere, caring, successful and attractive man, in a very sad and cold marriage. I have given everything over the years, and I have received very, very little love and no affection in return. I am really just curious to see if anyone is in the same situation and wants to talk. OR not in a similar situation but wants witty, fun and intelligent conversation. ..I know I would love to have some.


I am looking for a nice girl to hang out with, and talk to. I like to snowboard, and and do spontaneous things. Email me if interested.


would like to meet an interesting lady


My name is Rusty and I am from Billings, Montana. I haven't had time for girls cause I am always working and saving up to finish my car. I am looking for a beautiful fun, loving, and carin dark skin female.


If you can't sing good, sing loud.


I like going to the beach, especially in the winter when no one else is around. I also like tennis,swiming, listen music and movies. u can contact with me via. my e-mail. ""


Hey... I don't know what to expect from this. I'm trying it because I'm tired of finding all the wrong guys in all the wrong places. Maybe I'll find the "man of my dreams" here, who knows? Anyways, you know the drill. Drop me a line and tell me about yourself. I intend to respond to everyone that writes something. Luv, Monica


Hi my name is Jason. I'm 31, 175lbs very good looking( so I've been told)and am looking for that perfect One. I have no problem getting dates just not quality dates. So if your not all that don't bother.



Single, fun, cutie looking for someone to snuggle with.


Hi, I'm rather new to Modesto and am looking for someone(preferably a girl) to hang out with and see where that takes us, guys can hit me up too but as just friends basis. In my opinion I am a good person although I can be shy, but like everyone I too have my mood swings, I'm easy to get along with and very openminded.


hello everyone, i am 18 and a waiter in seattle. i am interested in older women, but i would love to talk to anyone. have a wonderful day. ~~KLAY~~



Isn't this the awkward part ? Do I need one ??????????



I am a fun loving, Setanic, Beach-bunny. Wanna Play?


Hello...Psst are you there?? Come on give me a look...see what you think. You might like what you read..Are you my knight in shining armor? If you want a sincere, totally honest and straight forward woman then here I am. If you want a game player then look down the hall.


I am a well mannered nice young man looking for someone to spend a little time with. Maybe you are the one??




Hello, I have finally broken down and tried a dating service. I have not had much luck in the past with women I believe I am looking in the wrong places. I have a go get it attitude if something needs done I do it I put things off till the next day. I am looking for a serious relationship at the moment. Sorry I dont have a pic at this time but my scanne should be back up and running in no time at which time I will correct. P.S. I hope you like what you see.


hello. no games please.



Hello, I'm Liza Sanchez. I live in Quezon City Metro Manila. I'm 39 years old (who look a lot younger) with two wonderful sons who are 15 and 16 years old. I have been separated for almost 12 years and I have just gotten my annullment last month. I have been an office worker all my life (supervisory level). I am the type of person who is comfortable wearing a suit as well as jeans (although I prefer jeans, much more sexy!:) I could mix with any kind of people and no matter what their stature is. I am simple who desires simple things and get a lot of pleasure from it. I love to go travel around the Philippines as we have 7,107 islands. I prefer the more remote places, more secluded and where people are much friendlier and warmer. My idea of a romantic date is holding hands with your partner, cuddling. It doesn't matter where - it could be walking along the beach at night, having a candlelight dinner or just simply cuddling together while you're watching tv or listening to music, drinking a glass of wine or champagne perhaps. It's nice to dream, huh? Who knows someday this dream will be no longer a dream but a reality:) You could reach me at lizgsanchez at ho+ma il dot co m. To describe myself, I am 5'4, 110 lbs., smart, sexy, pretty, outgoing, romantic, affectionate and I possess a good sense of humor. I think I am better to be seen and met in person.




Well I am your normal everday 24 year old guy. I am 5'10" I have dark hair, dark eyes, and a good tan. I am a local county Paramedic/Firefighter. As far as physique I am fairly well built, I have to be, it also comes with the job and I also like being healthy and in staying in shape. I don't want to sound conceited though, lets just say it comes with the job, in my job you can get hurt really easy if you are out of shape. I also love to do a little bit of everything, you name it and its fun and I am there. I like to go bungee jumping, skydiving, seadooing, rockclimbing, but I also like to tone it down and have romantic nights out from dancing and a romantic dinners, to the theater and the museum, to a home movie and cuddling on the couch. I like to be affectionate, hugging and cuddling are the best. Most of all I love to laugh, you have to be able to love laughing at yourself and at life because life is just that way. But all these things you do are only fun because of that someone you are with, that special someone makes everything fun, special, and memorable. I love it all. I am not a thick necked no brained jock though, I happen to have a brain too. I have two university degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering, and one in Music Education, I also have an associates in Paramedic and EMS Services. So I can have a fun day out or an actual normal conversation. I also play the trumpet from my musical background, I was at one time planning on being a High school music instructor but changed my mind, but I still play my horn from time to time I play classical, jazz, salsa, swing and any paper with music written for trumpet on it. So I can carry a beat and move my feet can you? Oh yeah I also have a picture if you want it just ask. Its not the best but it's one until I can scan some others. Well if you at all like what you hear, then I hope to hear from you, and don't forget to smile! -Kenji



Hello ladies. You must be here to read about me, lucky me. Other than what's below, you'd really have to get to know me to truely be able to get a real glimps of me. I like change, and change comes unexpected. So be prepared. I'm very openminded about stuff, I like trying new things, meeting new people. I love the outdoors as long as it's not cold, but I'd chase the right one clear into a blizzard to catch her! I like the indoors too though, nice little fire, you, me. Often friends. I like to have people around me. Anything else I guess you'll just have to ask.




i am stevn from Pakistan looking for real frind who can make me feel happy. the rest you will know when you will meet me.


hi my name's sam. I'm 26 years old and I'm from south jersey. I'm 5'10", real skinny, and I have short black hair and i am indian. I'm pretty quiet but once you get to know me I'll start to open up. I like sports, especially football, movies, tv, and music.I'm the type of guy that would prefer a "blockbuster night" over a night of clubbing. I'm just looking for a nice, sweet, and honest girl so if that sounds like you then give me a reply. Hope to hear from you soon.i would love to talk so just send me an e-mail I guess I'm just looking for someone "real".



seeking single men





Interesting, diverse, single Black-American female. Down to earth. Loves travelling, but tired of taking trips alone. Easy going, loves sitting at home as well as going out. Willing to try new things and go to new places. Looking for someone who wants to share. Someone open-minded with a good sense of humor.