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Smart,Funny,Cute, and available....


I am a young, hot, curious guy lookin for some hot studs to play with. I like straight acting, no fems here, and lots of tanned muscle.




Hello I am new to this so i don't really have a clue as to what to type, so i hope my profile speaks for me


By nature, I am kind and careful,responsible and easy-going. I couldn't be angry and don't keep in my heart the insults. I like to be initiative. I admire nature and flowers, the beauty outside and inside me. I like to create something new, like to make flowers compositions, sew beauty clothes. I prefer to spend my time in moving. I like to go to theater, and communicate with my friends. I want to live and to be the creator of my life.


Man with a heart


Looking for a long term ,posssible marriage!




Time To Smell The Roses


Hi Ladies I am a single father of two boys.I am 5'7" at 190lbs. Picture will come later.when I fine out how to send it.


HI! I am a very sensitive young woman with keen ideas of how a relationship should be. I work hard at preserving what I have. Beyond what most would leave someone for. 24 years married to an alcoholic is my testiment to that. He left me. I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hiking, picnics, camping. I also enjoy rummage sales, old houses, auctions. I collect Disney fastfood toys, carousels, and Scooby Doo, and Betty Boop. I have been divorced now for 7 years and the dating game has been very scarring. I still find the men whom like to use woman. My life has been a hard one. I am looking for that one person who can communicate, be sensitive, loving, kind, and can compromise. Be honest and true. Is there such an relationship out there? I want someone who accepts the woman inside more then the woman outside. I am a very beautiful woman. I am overweight from a medical problem which I am on medication to correct along with diet and excersise. And it is working well. Need that someone who will be supportive of my problem.



Just a lonely guy wanting a special someone to care about and to show how much love I have to give



Hi there! I am a single 26 year old woman living in the central Virginia area on a farm!! I am from Richmond and work there currently as an accountant. I do not go out a lot, seems all my friends got married and had kids and now they have no use for me! Oh, wait, they do, to complain about their lives and tell me how lucky I am to be free and single. Yeah, sure. I would like to meet someone, maybe it will be a great new friendship, maybe something more. At least it will be something new!


After some twenty years of practicing dentistry I left the profession in order to have the freedom to direct my artistic talents and energies into fulfilling my desire to do sculptures in bronze and exotic hardwoods. Last year, two of my bronze sculptures were seen in the April and December issues of SouthwestArt magazine. These were lifesize sculptures of Native Americans, Sitting Bull and Geronimo. Presently, most of my works can be viewed at


salAAmZ To nAme iS kIrAn .>..i DOnt bElieve in lOvE but Wanna uNdErStAnd wat it iS...So Any one WannA HElP mE..So plZ ....u r welkom :-)


My name is Carlos I'm 31 5'11" 170lbs, and I'd like to know if your my Match.


I cannot believe that it has come to this!


well, i'm looking for someone to share my life with. someone to love me and care about me. i want to be in a loving and trusting relationship with someone who can love someone for who they are through good times and bad.



I am a fun loving yet serious guy who is very loving and caring at times. I enjoy playing pool or cards or just geting together with friends. When I go out people try and sit near me to hear what I am going to say next and I usually consider myself the life of the party. I'm seeking a lady, who acts like a lady, expects to be treated as a lady. She should be very loving and caring and not afraid to show her feelings and have her head on straight. If you feel I am something you are in search of then feel free to contact me.


Down to earth father open to dateing and romance


Hello there im Jade!


fun, adventurous girl seeking fun and goofy guy


Most people who have bothered to take the time to get to know me can attest to the fact I am well worth knowing.Being from the old school, I know what it means to have a friend, and be a friend. Take the quantum leap...let's get to know each other. We could both be saying down the road... I'm so glad we met.




Sick of the bar scene? At work so much you have no time to find your perfect match? Feel like you're hitting dead ends in the romance department? Me too! Drop me a message and let's talk! At the very least, you'll make a new friend. I love to have fun and meet new people:)


I'm new here in Houston, and damn am I bored!!! Lookin' to have a good time, livin' the moon shine, waitin' for the sunshine......


I'm not a woman of many words on paper and have a hard explanig my self.


whats up.Well im looking for a friend and maybe more. im looking for a girl that i can sit and have inteligant conversations with, have fun and likes to party a little but can also take things seriousely. open minded,smart,out going, honest and sweet


Hi, my name's David. You can read my other specifics later. I am from Memphis, TN but attend college in Shawnee, OK. Shawnee is my home for most of the year. My high school graduating class had five people in which I was the only guy. For more, keep reading!


hello ladies 21 year old male here. well ok about myself i am outgoing, funny, understanding and just all around easy to talk to. i like to go out to movies, spend time with my friends, and most of all spend time with the person i love. i am kinda old fashion i like to open the door for the girl, do all the treating and let her choose where we go to. i am into lots of kinds of music and i think that music is a sight into your soul. so if u think this sounds nice let me know



Hello there. Im looking for someone right now for friendship and we will see where it goes from there


My name is ceii, I am 52 years old I AM LOOKINGH FOR A FRIEND FIRST,THEmabeMORE I am a very big Elvis fan.


I chose the nickname Earth Mother not because I'm a grown up hippy (though I did grow up in that era), but because it encompasses my two most important tasks in my life right now. Those are raising my own two children, now 16 and 20, and teaching others about our planet and how to care for it and themselves. As a middle school health and science teacher the most important thing I do is mother the adolescents I encounter with love and humor and hope they also gain knowledge and the skills to take of themselves and the world they live in. I also consider myself a very earthy and sensual person in touch with nature and myself. I'm very down to earth in my personality and appearance. I like my casual style and long brown hair with wisps of gray. (though I also enjoy dressing up and fancy affairs too) I've also been told by a Native American clan mother that I was an earth mother, and I liked the connection and the image.


Hi I am a 43 year old woman looking for a man who will treat me the way he wants to be treated.


Hello are you looking for a sweet, cute, Down to Earth, vege -eating, intelligent, caring, compassionate, creative woman? Someone who can treat you right?




Hi, my name is Geoff. I just joined and I'm happy to say that I am glad I joined because now I will have the opportunity to meet lots of nice ladies from the inside out FIRST. I'm sure we've both tried it the other way around before, you know, from the outside in--and that wasn't too cool! I want to start out by saying, I feel "whole" and complete in myself, and am not seeking a mate out of desperation or crisis. I am in good health, and gainfully employed--And any woman who writes me should be all of those things I am also. I know that makes sense! I am not needing a woman, but would appreciate having one as a friend,... FIRST. I am honest and responsible and I have much to offer the right lady! I am warm, and romantic and ever seeking ways to keep the fire burning hot! I am open to many new ideas and I know I do not know them all. I am affectionate and loving and constantly work to make my way in the world utilizing a loving outlook. I hope you will write me,...How about right now? I am here and I am real BABY! LOL


Hello ladies, Im a romeo whos looking for his Juliet. Im a nice sincere guy who wants someone to cuddle with. Could you be my Juliet



Hi, I am a 45yr. old, white, seperated, female looking for male penpals, new friends, and then maybe more. If you are interested, e-mail me. Thank You! Warmly,



hi... im a single mom and would like to meet a good hearted honest man to share my life with. im a simple women and live in my jeans and t shirts. im very down to earth and enjoy the simple things in life.




Looking for a friend first. Whatever happens after happens.



Hi all.. Hello .. thankx for stopping and reading my add. i am sure u will like me if u knew me kn person.. but meanwhile.. this is good. i am a 20 years old male comming here from over seas.. i have black hair and brown eyes.. most people i have met they said i am cute.. but i think i am average, i like to go to movies and have some cool time with the people i love, and care about ( and dont forget i like the pop corn ) anyway, i do like music... specially soft rock and kinda mitalica.and i love to play my own music. i cant wait to meet my girl.. and just start falling in love with her...and please if someone is playing.. i am not looking for another broken heart again... its really hard to have a broken heart another time... please if u r after games.. just look for someone else than me... i love reading alot.. and i have some special interest in philosphy.. though i dont know a lot about it ( yet).. well i guess i have said enough now... i will tell you more in person. write me.


Hello, ladies. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and a poet who loves the outdoors but likes to sit down and watch a movie once in a while. I've mastered the art of Shiatsu massage and know several other types of massage.


Jesus Christ is Lord,& God sits on the Throne. thereís POWER in the blood and Iím saved to the bone. CEO, Talkline PTN where work is FUN. Enjoy, tennis & Swim in the sun, or Gym & squash when the day's done. Other interests includes Reading/listening to worship/working on PC or simply with friends/family or where most of us are, talkline at mweb. Have a desire to see as many people come to know Jesus,as personal Lord and Saviour and I would love to see their lives radically changed through His resurrected power






Hey I am 21 and I am looking for that special girl. Who knows you could be her.



Hi. Just looking for someone to talk to.



I am a 40 yr old, divorced, male, looking for friendship first. Haven't had much luck but willing to give this site a try.


Living in Phoenix as a single person is no fun on cold desert nights.




Hi I hope you are having a great Day. Now a little about me. I am vbery romantic and affectionate. I am one that still opens doors and givs flowers. I am very adventurous, and spend lots of time outdoors, everything from hiking, camping, caving, to rafting. I also love relaxing in natural hot springs.


Hey. I'm just your average, fun loving, college student looking for someone to spend some time with. I'm not sure if I'm looking for anything serious right now, but I'm always open to new possibilities. I'm most always full of evergy and rarely stop smiling. Though my sense of humor is very apparent in my personality, it doesn't dominate it. Deep down I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. I open doors for women, help them with their things (unless they don't want it) and I hate letting the woman pay for a date. (call me old fashoned) That's me in a nutshell. Interested?


Adventurious Romantic looking for fun Lady


Looking for someone that I can spend the rest of my life with. Or at least until we decide differently. I think the rest of my profile covers most of the things about me. Anything else, just ask and I will answer.


Hey whats up? Im 19, from WI. Looking to find someone for a possible relationship, we could meet and see what happens from there. I like writing, reading, driving, and just hanging out and having fun :)


Hi there and thanks for reading my ad. I am just your typical male- sexuallly oriented, degreed, and do things my way. lol. Keep reading to get a better idea of me.


I am single for the first time in over 15 years. I am still learning about the dating rules. I am very flexable in what I like to do. I am learning to be myself again. So far the dating has not been very good for me. I am trying to be myself and not what everyone else wants me to be.


Life Is Short....Don't Sweat The Small Stuff! I believe that we need to live and appreciate each day as if it may be our last. We are all in such a hurry these days that we forget to take time to step back and enjoy the simple things in life.


Looking for that Special Lady


lonely but looking






Hello, A few words about myself, I love the out doors, Hiking, boating, especially the mountains. I like to cook, clean and neat are a must. I have been accused of being a romantic, when it comes to the one I can really fall in love with, Romantic is just the begining.



...think...think...something catchy...



I'm Wolf, I dont bite. Say howdy. How often can you say you have talked to a Wolf? :-) Grr. site won't let me download my picture. We can swap them later.


A gentleman, articulate, passionate, affectionate, romantic, and 5-11 215 brown hair and blue eyes. Love to play golf and tennis, and love to have mutual fun. I am looking for a woman who has a meduim build or less, and a non-smoker. Like to be friends first, and enjoy honesty and good communication.


I am a Swedish woman, grownup in Poland living today permanently in UK. Working with a lot of dayly humor and youthful way of being Hates dishonest and violence. Like meeting new people




Looking for my sweetheart.



Looking for love in all the wrong places.


Hi i'm Miaya, i'm out there looking for some friends to have a good time with. I'm also a bicurious female looking to fill that curiousity.


hello, I'm a single white female,5'4", blue eyes, brown hair, with a nice smile and a good sense of humor.


I am very much wanting for someone to have sex with.


hey guys, I am just here to meet some nice guys, who know how to have a good time. I am looking for some new friends and maybe something more. I am very fun and easygoing. I like going sper of the moment things. I am an outdoorsy kind of gal, and would like to find someone with similar interests. So if you are a fun, and good looking guy. write me if you want to get to know a little more about me.




I am a college girl looking for nice guy.


HI! I am a lonely man looking for a honest relationship. I am also a single parent, but NOT looking for a Mother for my child!


hello my name is doug,im a white male ,im 58",185..very outgoing.i love to be with people who make me laugh,and who are energetic....






im 42 and looking for love...but arent we all?