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Looking for love and sensual and meaningful encounters with the right person. If you enjoy a laugh, intellectual conversation, and a caring and creative time, then contact me. You might find it worth your time and energy.


Lonely man looking for lots of loving!


Hello i am a single white female looking for someone that is going to treat me right and that Loves the Lord like i do.


sweet funny guy seeking sweet funny girl



Looking for someone to share life with


Hi, I'm Blondie


Hi, 32 year old guy, looking for other men in my area for frendship and more. Like to laugh out loud and be silly.


looking for that special person or just a friend


In honesty I'm new at relationships. I was the loner that was always over in the corner, on the computer or the silent friend amongst the few friends he had. I've finally desided that's not the way I want to be but at 22 it's hard to finally be "coming out" so to speak. So really I'm just looking for a friend of the opposite sex to chat and hang out with and if it becomes more than that great.


Hi there. I am a busy Oregon native looking for a few new "friends". I am fit, have a good job, a kind heart and great sense of humor. This is my attempt to meet someone of substance. The bar scen is played out (long ago) and I just have no time for it. If you think we might click drop me a line. I look forward to it :)



lets just play because we all gotta have fun.


Hi. It is rather hard to introduce oneself in few sentences so I will leave it for you to explore and find. I would like to have a real and non trivial friendship that can have positive effects on my and your life and the world.



I'm tired of just being a pretty face. All the women I surround myself with fail to ever have any substance. Someone please prove me wrong.


Hi my Name is Rich,am just an ordinary guy that is in an unhappy marrage,i haveent got a lot just a big hart and honesty. am looking for a lady that is careing,and fun to be with,as am looking for a friend,companian,lover and just being the person you thats all i can be...


Well I am from Victoria BC and I am 22 years old. I am looking for people to hangout and do fun things with. Hope to hear from you soon.... Take Care....




Looking to share my life.



I am a surgical technology student at High Tech Institue in Irving. I am looking for someone who can keep up with my speed.


Hi, I am JustLookin'......for some good clean fun! I work second shift so it's hard to meet people. I'd like to meet someone who wants to go out to dinner once in a while, maybe shoot some pool at a sports bar or just take a quiet walk in the woods. I don't have time for a full-time thing & besides, I'm planning on moving away this summer. Keep me company 'til then? :-) I'm mostly attracted to men with facial hair/beard. Age...35-45....but....ya have to have a lot of energy to keep up with me! I like to ride Harleys, but would rather drive my, I'm not butch, just ready! If you are interested, I can send you a pic. Have a good one, Me


i'm looking for a little romance in my boring life, nothing heavy - with a guy who has a good sense of humor and is funny. good looks are important but more so the chemistry has to be there because without that, i could go out with my brother!




The heart has its reasons which reason does not understand… I’m still very young but I believe that my heart is ready to contain all those exciting yet serious and long-lasting feelings that only a woman and a man can share. My name is Irisha, I am 22, height 174 cm (5’9”), weight 57 kg (126 lbs), green eyes and light brown hair. My hobbies are cooking, music, pets, contemporary dances, and many others. If you are serious in your intention I look forward to hearing from you.


Sick and Tired of the Games???



Hi! I hope this is finding you having a bright sun shiny day. If you are looking for a lady that can go from jeans to an evening on the town--look no further for I am that lady. I am not necessarily looking for a steady relationship right now because the best relationships start as friends. We can become email friends, casual dating friends, or if you just need someone to talk to I am here. The type of man I am looking for is a gentleman with some manners. I was raised in the country, taught manners, and taught how to be a lady. Of course I am not a lady 24/7 365 days a year. I am young at heart and love doing things that you can only imagine a child would like----a day at the zoo, going to the Aquarium, going to fairs, riding around looking at Christmas lights, the small things in life mean a lot to me. Wondering what the small things are, well for example---a hand written note just to say hi, a call to go for lunch just to spend time together, a flower from the side of the road that I admire just because, one of those little 99cent bear by the register just to say it reminded you of me---know what I mean---just some little romantic thing once in a while. Of course I appreciate the man who remembers the holidays like Valentines, Christmas, birthday, etc. Maybe my expectations are high but I am worth it and I think you are too. So if you would like to have some sunshine in your life email me.


I am from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.


To any lady that's looking for a guy like me.




Looking for a Good Woman! Hello, is anyone out there? Is this thing on?



Hey check this out! Hope to hear from you soon!


hello, my name is larry and i am looking for a nice and honest woman to share good times with.if you are tired of headgames,then check me out!!!!!


To all members of the culture, the information on this page is strictly for those who wish to use the mind as a tool for elevation My words will not appeal to everyone. For those that can feel me, and what i`m trying to say, please make yourself know by dropping me a message, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello, I am a caring, honest and open minded individual with various tastes for life. I enjoy living life but missing someone to enjoy it with. I am looking for a female friend with further possibilites. Everyday is a good day, some are better than others. I am seeking compassion, understanding, mutual respect and love.





I'm here in Germany Looking for FUN, come be apart of it


Hi I'm Jeremy. Im an 18 year old guy who seeks real love and a serious relationship. So if your real contact me...



hi im intrested in finding my angel if you think you are her contact me .




How are you?


New to the internet world, just checking things out. If something comes of it that would be great, if not thats okay to. Honest, hardworking, enjoy my family, maybe I can meet someone to do things with.


Looking for a good time!


Hello.Here I am



Looking for a true friend and a GREAT LOVER.


I am a very lively guy who loves to do pretty much everything. Talk to me and it will be nonstop conservation.


I think the whole find a date over the internet thing is cheesy. The only reason I'm on here is because a friend of mind convinced me to try it. So oh well. Whatever. Send me a message if you want.



Hi, I am a single straight guy who is looking for a single straight gal. I am a hardworker. I have never been seriously involved with anyone, but I would like to. I am not real tall but what I lack in height I make up in heart. I like going to sporting events and the outdoors, camping,fishing,hunting. I also am game for a quiet evening at home, kicking back and watching a movie with that special someone.


Are you the face to the faceless man of my dreams.


I am an Italian American, 6'2" tall 190lbs. Descent looking, definitley not a pretty boy. Pretty is for women, and I am looking for that special pretty woman to treat like a princess.



Hello I'm looking for a good woman that has things in common with me. I like to ride motorcycles, watch movies, and enjoy romantic rendesvous. I am an easy going person with good values. I am looking for a nice lady to spend time with.


Ok, the whole internet thing weirds me out BUT I know I am cool so MAYBE you aren't a total freak . . .


Hi single white female looking for Mr>Right. someone who is honest open and sincer and who like to be spoiled if ya wanna no more ask me



Please.... make me LAUGH!!!!


I'm a honest, caring femme looking for an honest, caring butch to get to know each other and explore the possibilities of a relationship.



Hi: One of my sisters described me as reliable and competent. She said she felt so certain that I would find a way to handle things, that she felt comfortable just having me around in almost any situation. Another sister told me later that she compared all her dates to me and only moved ahead with a fellow if he matched most of my characteristics. I have to laugh at this because I have many faults, including untidyness and spelling deficits, enough to match my sterling qualities, probably point for point. You will never meet a man exactly like me.


hi my name is william and i am seeking that someone special



"I need a lover that won't drive me carzy"


I've lived an interesting life that continues to astound me daily. I'm a singer/songwriter and a poet who enjoys deep conversations and cutting wit with a touch of sarcasm. I've travelled down many roads only to find that the only constant in life is that there is no constant in life. I'm searching for truth, beauty, freedom, and most of all, love.


ALL OF THE GREAT GUYS ARE NOT TAKEN! I am that stable and solid person that you wish you had dated and instead got hooked up with some jerk because he looked good, had a cool car or had lots of money. I am that man that you read about, a caring, sensitive, and giving individual who wants to be your knight in shining armor. You know, the person your Mom and Dad wanted you to marry. I'm a real Boy Scout in a lot of ways. Let's get together and I can teach you how to tie the knots of a lasting relationship


I am a 47yr. old male with a few physical troubles with my lower back and legs. I am a very honset and sincere person. I love life and like to make people smile and laugh. I like to try new things. Most things I will try at least once!!!! Though I like to spoil I like to be treated the same


Hey my name is Jess, the pic is bad, and uhm i do have other pics, im me any time i would like to hear from you no matter what:) grllifeguard



now that i have this read it ....please




Hey, whats up? My name is Chris. I am a Taurus. I am a happy go lucky person whos got a lot to offer a woman. I am 6'1 with dark blonde hair and green eyes. I wear glasses and have a mustach and gotee. Sorry theres no pic of me, I don't have a scanner. I live with my parents and my 4 year old brother Matthew in a house. I know how to treat a lady with respect, I'm caring, loving, honest, respectful, sweet, good looking, very nice, etc. Anything else you want to know about me then just reply back to me and I'll answer.



I am a single,self employed male looking for a swf that would possibly have some of the same interests as i do.I love sports and play most. I have been called a golfaoloic on more than one occasion.I also enjoy getting away camping or hiking and long walks.I`m also a bit of a romantic and love to wine and dine either out on the town or candle lite at home.If this sounds good to you drop me line.



Hi, I am just wondering how many men out there are really sincere in wanting to find the right person? I dream of meeting that special man who will sweep me of my feet. We will think of each other in the morning when we get up and at night when we fall to sleep. I want to find someone that will not wonder where I am every minute but ask me how my day was. I want to have someone that if they have bad day the minute we see each other I can make him forget the problems of his day. If you are out there, lets talk take a chance!!!!



Hello My Great Dane puppy is loads of fun and loves me unconditionally, but it's time to get a life. I am an honest, loyal, one-woman man that would like to meet an attractive(to me) unattached lady. I'm no hunk so I dont expect to attract super models. My only physical requirement is that she doesnt out-weigh me. Someday if all works out I want to be able to carry her across a threshold. Sorry, I said I was honest.


Hi! A little about myself, Dont know what to write ! anyways hear goes , I am a mom of four I Have 3 older daughters all grown and on there own I have two grandchildren , I also had a woops! But wouldnt trade him for the world, He will soon be 10 , I injoy cooking , When I have the time too really do it, and NO we dont eat fast food all the time , I injoy gardening mostly flowers and doing things in the yard , My gettaway is sewing , My most favorite place to be is at the beach sooking up the sun ,AND No I dont!!! swimm with critters , I also injoy Hiking But havent done it in years . I like to watch Nascar , Dicovery channel, And Monday night Ally McBeal I find hear show to be Commical . I do have one tatoo it is on a place that I thought would not be so wrinkled when I turned eighty years old , It would still be recoginisable as to what it is. ( at age fourty it was a DARE) I injoy dancing and I do have a drink once in a while with friends , I dont do drugs and never have . If your still curious or have an intrest Email; me WHO knows !!!!



Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my ad.I enjoy the outdoors,parks camping & canoeing, street fairs & flea markets, laying poolside (working on my tan). Being active & involved with my 14 y/o daughter. I'm honest & dependable well mannered & polite - not a social embarassment. Enjoy going out (dancing?) movies, theater & entertaining with friends.But I need a playmate/companion. interested????


Ladies and gentalmen childeren of all ages i am the light in the darkness and the key to you cages . I am the exception of a norm and my love comes in every form and im ready to be your man but only if you can be ready to be the person im looking for no more hiding behide your locked doors and freedom and fun and other crazy stuff I ll tell you more later but for now thats enough


hi my name is sheniqua..and i looking for a real man


Hi my name is Eric and i'm new her, i came from Europe some time ago, I love to go out and meet new and fun pepole and enjoy life, but i'm also looking for a regular partner to do it with, so if you would like to take a try and you think you can handle it contact me. I'll be more than happy to prove myself as someone that can give you a good time.



hey ladies. Just give me a chance and see what happens




I know a million and a half of people have said this but just ..... a nice guy looking for a nice girl!


Hello my name is Carol, I am a w/female looking for a gentlemen that is caring and honest, one that wants a woman to love and get lots more love back. I live in a town called Alden NY, I am located about 5 min from Darien Six flaggs. I like many things, some are camping, nascar. fishing, boating, walks on the beach, cmap fires and star gazing, all the old fashion things life has to offer, cuddling next to a cmap fire talking and much more.


Hi there! I'm basically just a simple country girl looking for the simple life. It's been a long time since I could truely relate to someone the way I would like to. Too many people play games these days and I'm not into that! I do have a 2 year old so you have to like kids! Drop me a line! :)


I am a kind and gentle person, that is looking for that special someone to share my life with. i value honesty and trust


Hello, I have been looking for someone who is able support me in hard situations and who is able share my happiness.



Hi, I am new to I am hoping to meet someone special through this service. I am 30 years and weigh bout 172 lbs. Love talking on the phone and not affraid of getting to know someone special.


hello, i really do not know what to say but just trying this out. hope to hear from someone. see ya.


hi there, no BS here, just a damn good bass player who desperately needs a woman to come listen to him play, tell him he's awesome, and then kiss him afterwards. but seriously, i'm not about being stupid, i'm just trying to live life on the positive. so talk to me, i would love to hear from you!