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Hi my name is Sam and I'm interested in meeting a lady in my area. Not looking to be to serious at this point, but then I haven't met you yet. Who knows how things will turn out. Drop me a line and let's have some fun.


Welcome to my profile! I hope you like what you read. A quick review of who I am. I am a 19 year old single mom living in Fargo. I am 5'7" and 145 lbs. I want to find someone who is willing to settle down, get married, and have a family. Someone who is financially stable and loves kids.




Hello! Privet! Sveiki! Schezh!



My name is Kamal. I am an Army Officer. Presently posted as Administrative Commandant at Subathu, Shimla Hills, located 90 mins drive from Chandigarh INDIA. I am a writer and like to share views in any field. I love people who are free ,frank and straight forward. I love friendship with girls or women of any age.


Gay woman seeking a Butch or semi-Butch of a woman with a good personality. Must enjoy life and the company of another. Seeking friendship, then maybe if it turns for the better, love is welcomed.


always follow your heart but listen to your mind


What are you waiting for? Let's chat!!!


Have Fun.... Will Travel


I am a wild man looking for a wild woman



I like just about everything. not liver. Thought about having someone to hold and just spend some time with and not have all the hassles of every day living caught up between a couple. Like to go to the lake, the woods , movies, dinner and a whole lot of other things. Just to spend time together would be really nice. A woman that likes just being with a friend and not expect the world.


I am a f/f Latina transplant from the East coast looking to make and meet new friends


I have been divorced going on 3 yrs. I am looking for a committed single male who is straight. I am a hard working woman who beleives in honesty. If you like to play head games I am not interested.I love the outdoors and enjoy nature. I am easygoing. If you want to know more please write. I will not waste your time if I am not interested in you.


Hi! I'm Gypsy! What's YOUR name! First a bit about me. I have ass length dark hair, very dark eyes and contagious laughter. I am short, round, and an excellent "scratch" cook - love to make bread, noodles, and ho made lunchmeats. Live in town but this major animal lover has six Pomeranians who live in the house and graciously allow me to live with them, IF,I make the house payments. Outside, I have rabbits and chickens. Chickens have a custom made outhouse that looks like a two holder complete with metal roof and crescant moon on the door. Not a game player and YOU had better not be either! My ignore list is long. A bit about you: Must love annoying little dogs! Gift wrap unimportant, you can gift-wrap a rattlesnake (reason I am single again). Must not be married or in a committed relationship, definitely NOT a game player. Much prefer someone fairly local - LD relationships rarily work. Must be available.



Im ready when you are


its just a typical these typical times..(dave matthews)


Hey guys... Looking for a fun loving, outgoing, outdoorsy girl?!!? Well, read may have found her........


I'm laid back, most of the time. I'm a writer as well as an arborist, so anything nature oriented is cool with me. I'm cool with kids, both of mine are on their own. Never been into watching sports, but did run a triathlon once... once. Okay, wait a minute, I did watch all of my sons' high school football games... I've seen a lot of the U.S. and been to some other countries thanks to some time in the military, so I've been around more than the block a few times. I've kicked the idea around of trying some stand up comedy - seriously... I've done some Kareoke (did I spell that right?...) and I have a stack of lyrics I'd love to find the right band for.... But more than anything, I'm looking for the one thing in my life that isn't there. The real deal. I'm a one woman kind of guy and I look for the same in a lifemate, I guess this is where I say "Serious inquiries only..."



I'm a free wheeling spirited guy that can never get enough... if you know what i mean. Try me what have you got to lose?




19 y/o female looking for someone to spend my time with. I enjoy going out and having fun and sometimes just sitting at home and relaxing. I love to cuddle, kiss, hold hands and all that mushy stuff....I'm very caring and would do anything for anyone if they asked. I'm looking for a committed relationship, but want to take my time and not rush into it. I dont want to get my heart broken again like i have many of times.


HI! I am an outgoing, attractive lady, with a great sense of humor. I have been told that I am beautiful and sexy, and on ocassion, I probably am. I am not a boring person, and am interested in a lot of things and enjoy a wide variety of activities. I love motorcycles,horses, camping, and a challenge. I would like to meet someone that shares some of the same interests. I say what I think, and don't ask if you don't want to know. If you are looking for someone cheap and easy, look somewhere else. I am way too independent for that!


Hello. I'm 24 and live in Macomb Twp. I'm very outgoing and love to laugh. I can find humor in almost any situation..even if it isn't appropriate :) I enjoy spending time with my family and my friends. I'm pretty sick of the bar sceen. I never thought I would say that when I was 20 lol. I'm just looking for meet someone as super cool as I am who likes to laugh and isn't afraid to just have fun, wether it be going out for some serious rock star partying..or just going to Snooker's to watch some football or hockey. I can be pretty sarcastic sometimes..and if you are too..bring it on! I'm sure I've gotcha beat! :) Oh yeah, I tried to upload my picture on here, but the file was too big. You can see my picture at:






I like going for walks on the beach, wathcing movies, going out to eat or movies. Just like to have fun.


Hi :) I am athletic, passionate and FUN!! Looking for compatable partner for life...


Hello,I'm happy you came by.It's nice to meet you.Hope you can stay and get to know more about me .Then we can see if we are meant to get to be friends. I'm a petite lady with brown hair and eyes.Have a very outgoing personality.Who enjoys the company of a nice man to go and do things together.Hope to see your message real soon...Thanks for your time and come back as often as you like.....Ya hear!!!


Hi, I am the man of your dreams. If you do not believe me, give me a try!


Lonely and Looking






Hi, I am an Idaho born and bred spud. I have lived most of my life in a smaller community and don't particularly like the big city routine. I enjoy the comfort of being someplace I know people. I prefer the outdoors to the indoors, except when its really cold. I like to laugh and have a good time and see that others are enjoying them selves and on the other hand I can be a pill. But enjoying life is what its all about, too many struggles in the past. Am looking to put that behind me and take one day at a time.


Hi, I love life and am seeking a like minded woman to share quality time with. I enjoy outdoors activites, eating at nice resturants, the arts and sports. I am a professional, have a graduate degree in Computer Science and enjoy a successful career. I have a Golden Retriver named Thor who is a great companion. He loves women, especially when he is spoken to in a high voice:-)



hi im a 24 year old male looking for a 18 to 25 year old female who is fun loves to party im 5'11 blonde and hazel eyes fun wild willingand able to try anything new


Looking for a sweet guy who is romantic and honest.


Hello ladies my name is Johnny and i am looking for somebody cool and very down to earth






Looking for Ms. Right!!! Are you?


Bob is wonderfully talented, good looking, intelligent, loving, humble with a great sense of humor, humble and don't believe a word of it.




I am a reluctant workaholic that always wants to be on the leading edge of technology. I am a part-time Disc Jockey, so music is a big priority in my life. I am the IT Director, in charge of several offices, for a regional insurance inspection company. I am also a web designer, programmer, and all around technical individual. I am currently working on my Master's in computer information sytstems and studying for my MCSE.


What's up cats? Thought I'd put this computer to good use and have a little fun. I'm looking to meet an entertaining girl who likes to play around and is more interested in imediate gratification than a five year plan.


Hi, Im an independent single mother of one who is looking for someone to have some good times with. Who knows where it will lead?



Looking for that special some one


I'm a very caring, loyal, trusting, man with a since of humor. I'm a widower. I like working in the yard, hanging out with friends and willing to try new things.



Hello. I'm looking for my soul mate. I have searched all my life and never found her. Are you her? I know that the Lord has made a special person just for me. Maybe you ARE her!



Im just a regular guy looking for a regular girl.


I am looking to mett new and exciting young ladies in the columbus area I hope to hear from someone soon


Looking for that special someone.


looking for love fast


New to computer meeting and am looking forward to the adventures that may result. Have friends that are single too. Can maybe do double dates with your single friends. Purely innocent. No bs between the lines. Looking for good clean fun!



Well, I love it when i hear you are a NICE guy and it is not me... they don't want to hurt me... I just want someone who is willing to stick through the good and bad times...Give in the relationship as much as i do. Know when it is time to have fun and joke and when it is time to be serious...Because that is the way I am. I love to laugh and joke around and I love to smile... I try to live life as if it was my last day but sometimes it is hard when it requires another person in your life(like New Years). It is hard to be entering another year by yourself....Especially when you are a romantic. If you would like contact me at wmvasquez at hotmail dot com. I reply if you email me there.




hi all, i'm tired of all the games on these kind of sites. i'm interested in meeting someone to share my good times, & life with. there's to much going on in this world for all the dumb ass games. me, i'm a tall, thin man who shaves his head & keeps a nice shaving go-tee. i wear thin wire framed glasses till i can afford laser surgory. i'm a real nice guy, with a lot of love to give. i'm easy going & easily amused. i enjoy the outdoors & indoor activities on rainy days. i just want to have fun with you.


Hey yeah I'm Mary I am not knew to this area I just got home I have been gone for about 8 months and I was in San Francisco I am 19 and am looking to meet people my age between 18 and 25 I hope that there are people here that still know how to party and have fun lates also that pic of me is about a year-old and it sucks so anyways lates and party hard!


Fun loving guy that likes his work and loves the to hang out and relax with the special person that is still out there somewhere so if you are interested drop me a line



Hi! my name's Ian. I like to hang out with my friend's and have fun. Don't really know what to say, except take a look!


Good catch seeking same!!!



hello my name is steve are you out there???????????


I'm funny, cute, smart and sincere. All I really want is a cool guy to be friends with. If you decide you can't live without me ;oP , we could become more. If not, I might introduce you to some of my cute friends. You just can't lose!


I'm a single mom of but leaning more towards lesbian..probably from all my bad luck with men..and finding I'm more and more attracted to women...I would really like to meet a woman that doesnt play games because I really dont have time for it..nor the patients..I love people and love to see people smile and enjoy life as much as I do


UNDER THE SHADE OF A TREE Where I could be staring at the clouds so new. Snuggle up close to you, smelling the fresh clean air. Holding you securely in my arms as the moment unleashes such wonderful feelings. Knowing that what I have in my arms, I'll never let go. Gazing intisingly into your beautiful eyes, watching the most wonderful smile to emerge and brighten your beautuiful face. Wishing for that moment to last forever I pull you closer, indulging the warmth your heart has so generously given me....


Hi there!!!


Let's hook up, let's go out and party!!


35 year old swm in Oregon looking for a woman!


LADIES are you tired of your spouse are you tired of the divorce scene do you want to meet a young lover who can go all night. well look no further!!!!!!!!!hi i'm a 19 year old that wants to meet a older more mature woman to show me a thing or two. any women is welcome big small, old :) oh by the way i didn't put up a picture just for security reasons BUT i can send you one if you really want one


Someone Like Me


Just a single nice and romatic guy looking for the woman that will just make my heart melt!


Hi!! I am a fun, outgoing person who likes to try new things!! Please, no offense, please leave all emotional baggage at the door! Also, I really want a latin man, who knows how to dress well, and who isn't a slob!! Please drop me a line!!


Hello guys just want you to know that I am lookin for either a friend or Would like to find Mr. Right. If you want to be just friends let me know. If you think you may be Mr. Right let me know ASAP.



Just ONE SexyFerrari yankee here.. displaced in Tennesssee..!!!


Hey guys my name is michelle everyone calls me shelly. I love music thats a huge part of my life because i sing. I also love sports i played tennis and cheered in highschool. I graduated in "00" and now i am working tryin to make some money. I am lookin for a fun outgoing guy someone to crack up with someone who has a good sence of humor and a good lookin guy is a plus but i am not that picky..first impressions are a big thing to me though...


hello! I'm Jimmy Junk. I'm a firm believer in having fun in life and seeing the good side out of things. I consider myself a positive, good person.


Hello Ladies, First I would like to point out that I travel for business twice a month to NYC, Boston, Miami and New England areas. I have a residence in Miami Beach FL, NY North Country and Montreal. I'm flexible with my schedule and would love to meet a tall sensual woman with reciprocal qualities that would like to spend quality time with me either when I'm traveling to your city or mine. If lucky we will be in the same residential location. I'm seeking mostly a hot and uninhibited affair but also someone I can have fun going out to dinner and be friends, with possibility of long-term relationship.


Well, Hello there. I am a single mother of two girls, though that doesn't define me as a person. I've been told that I'm exotic looking, though I think of myself as 'plain jane'. Some of my best qualities are my sense of humor, my integrity and my very positive outlook on life. My worst? I'm very set in my ways, independant...I have huge trust 'issues'. I was a dancer for 7 years...I've been there and done it all. I shine like the stars at midnight in the right company though. I like myself, and I'm always exploring who I am and who I want to be. Good God, it is tough to write about myself without having it sound like a technical manual!!! But since I am a geek at heart, I guess that's fine.



I am a 21 year old Hispanic(MeXiCaNo) athletic male from CHiCaGo, IL. I now live in KY 2 get away from the street life 4 a while. I have been here for over a year now & I have hated it ever since I arrived, there is nothing here but cowz, treez, fieldz, & small townz like "louisville". Pretty boring here in other wordz, but I got 2 str8ten up my life 4 now. I think tha right woman can help me accomplish this. I dont see a lot of femalez around here that I'm extremely attracted 2. I get hit on very frequently but none of theze femalez R quite "up 2 par". They look o.k. but have strange personalitiez & I know they only want me 4 show. I need a different type 4 once n my life who'z n it 4 tha LUV & not just wit me 4 lookz. Anywayz, if U have a good head on yo shoulderz & want a man who keepz it reaL, hit me up shorty! ~oNe~


Hey,let's chat!


Hello. I am looking for my "soul mate". I know, it sounds a little silly, but I know she is out there somewhere.


whats up? my name is robert i was Born in Rome Italy, adopted at 3, came to Los Angeles were i was raised. Right after high school i went in to the Army were i spent the next 18 years travaling the world and doing other thing i say. I am now living in So. Pasadena and i work in L.A as a paramedic. If you really want to know more email me, would love to hear from you.


Hi, My name is Rosemary. I am single,30 years of age. Intelligent, Creative musician with a cool soothing voice. My profession has been as a Early Childhood Education Teacher with the International Education Agency. Will communicate with all. Rose.