Do you believe in serendipity? Is love fate, chance, or the result of devine intervention? If searching for a partner using our search page isn't your thing...Try something random for a change . There are thousands of profiles available through this index. They're listed in no specific order. You can use the same random chance you do in real life. Wander around and bump into someone. Make a friend. Maybe something will come of it. Maybe not. In any case, you will find some interesting people. And probably a life-long friend or two. Start by clicking links. Let your eye wander over the river of words. Try not to be too analytical. Let intuition guide you. This path isn't about statistics. We've left those behind.This is more like a walk in the woods. Wandering around and smelling the wet grass. In no particular order, and certainly in no rush. A leisurely stroll. Yes, there's one. Greetings cordially exchanged. A brief chat. An invitation to meet at a later time. More wandering around, intentionally aimless. Letting the muse guide you to those you share an affinity with.

Community. It takes on another meaning entirely in this context. Geographical proximity ceases to limit your experience. There are no bounds to your new circle of friends. An entirely new sphere of influence that radiates out in all directions. The energy of your new unfettered spirit is a new kind of power that would be considered magical in any earlier time. Do you know the story of the Seven League Boots? In a single step, you leave one place, and arrive at another. Even the broad expanse of the oceans are no barrier. The sound of your voice resounds to the most distant reaches of civilization, and then further. No magician, no Genie, ever held as much raw power as you possess now in the tips of your fingers. It's a miracle, unprecedented in the history of human experience. Where will you go today? Who will you meet? What kindness will you share?

The difference between wandering around your neighborhood, chatting at the local coffee house, or pub, or park, or mall and wandering around the internet is that here, you might bump into someone who is halfway around the world as easily as you might bump into someone who lives next door.

Warm regards,