Do you believe in serendipity? Is love fate, random chance, or the result of devotion and dedication? If searching for profiles using our search page isn't for you...Try something random instead.There are thousands of personal profiles available using this index.They're listed in no particular order.So you can use the same random process you do in real life! Wander around and bump into someone. Make a new friend. Maybe something more will come of it. Maybe not.In any case, you will meet some interesting people.And probably a few life-long friends. Start by clicking links.Let your eye wander over the pages. Try not to be too analytical. Let intuition be your guide. This path isn't about statistics. We've left those out.This is more like a walk in the park.Wandering around and smelling the flowers in no particular order. And certainly in no hurry. A leisurely stroll.Smiling, nodding, yes, there's one.Greetings pleasantly exchanged. A brief chat.An invitation to meet again. More wandering, intentionally aimless. Letting the muse guide you to those you share an affinity with.

Community. It takes on another dimension entirely in this context. Geographical proximity ceases to bound your experience. There are no limits to your new circle of friends. An entirely new sphere of influence Radiating out in all directions from the energy of your new unfettered spirit. It's a new kind of power.That would be considered magical. In any earlier time.Like the story of the Seven League Boots. In a single step.You leave one place.And arrive at another.Even the broad expanse of the oceans. Are no barrier. The sound of your voice carriesTo the most distant reaches of civilization.And then some. No magician. No Genie. Ever held as much power as you possess now in the tips of your fingers. Its a miracle, unprecedented in the history of humankind.Where will you go today?Who will you meet? What kindness will you share?

Have you read the story of Griffin and Sabine?

It's a wonderful story about two artists who connectdespitebeing half a world apart.Sabine, a lovely, gifted woman sends a mysterious letter to Griffin,a talented illustrator who inks darkly comic pictorial vignettes. They share a metaphysical connection- Sabine seeing Griffin's drawings as if looking over his shoulder.The story unfolds through an exchange of letters, postcards and notes, each beautifully and richly illustrated.The story is presented as a trilogy.Each book comprised entirely of the exchange of letters and notes.The letters folded and tucked into hand-decorated envelopes.It's more than a voyeuristic thrill. Its an inspiration. And a challenge to reach out across boundless space. Find your soul mate. To create correspondence that delights the senses.Provokes a spirited response. And becomes a lasting keepsakeof a cherished friendship.The books are hugely popular and now widely available so check your local bookstore or Amazon if yourbookstore is lame and doesn't carry this classic work. To learn more about the Griffin and Sabine trilogy or other fine worksby illustrator and writer Nick Bantock visit

Nick's web site.

While I'm on the subject of magical relationshipsI should probably mention One by Richard Bach.You probably rememberBach from his best-selling Jonathan Livingston Seagullor the more meaningful Illusions.One is his story of meeting his soul mate Leslie. It's worth reading, especially if you've become jaded or given up on finding your soul mate. The book, based on a true story, will give you hope. Or at least make you smile.

If you like the idea of writing really neat letters and cards, there are a couple of resources you may be interested in.The Love.Org gift shop has a great selection of hand made paper.It's just the kind of classy touchguaranteed to get your love interest's attention.We also have beautiful and exotic stampsand other finishing trim to make your letter a keepsake treasure. If you've moved beyond paper and inkbut want to retain a classytouch to your e-mail correspondence take a look at our electronic postcards.There's a wide array of images you can usefrom whimsical and funny to romantic, classic and old-fashioned.You can send the e-mail postcards to any Love.Org memberor to any Internet e-mail address. I sincerely hope that you found this whimsical, unstructured way of browsing profiles, meeting new people and taking the occasional side journey interesting, unusual, and worthwhile.

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Seventeen people have reported using this random walk to find long-term relationships. I wonder how many more will find their true love on this path? Try it with the mouse. Then try it again with your keyboard cursors. Move up and down a random number of lines and columns. Then click the mouse button. Follow your intuition. Don't hesitate. Make contact.