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cre81sdestiny Online Dating
I like someone who can just be themselves rather than pretend to be someone they aren't for the first couple months in order to make a good impression. Your word makes you who you are.
babygirl82 Online Dating
I am free spirited type of person,that likes to have fun.I'm also a very caring and kind hearted.Looking for someone who is the same way but likes to carry on a conversation
icyflychick Online Dating
Im looking for anyone new, interesting, openminded, and hopefully semi-close. (you could be a total freak and i would enjoy it)
jennifer21jj Online Dating
my ideal match..he has to be willing to be there for me no matter what i go through ..and love me for who i am and not expect me to change anything about myself.
Jacy Online Dating
Are you looking for me?
southpaw75 Online Dating
I am a very normal guy who enjoy's going to the movies, and cuddling on the couch with someone special.
Brenann Online Dating
God took Adam's rib and made Eve. Adam is lucky because God gave Eve to him right away and he was complete. I'm still searching for my rib.
metrodad Online Dating
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James. I provide a loving home for my daughter, so i'm basically working all the time. But I'll make time for YOU.
MBP Online Dating
I am tall, dark-haired with blue eyes. I work in sales and in my freetime I rollerblade, surf the net and compose music. I need a woman who is intelligent and good at conversation.