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LisaK418  Matchmaking
I'm outgoing and friendly, non-materialistic and looking for a man who shares similar interests - someone who is my equal and can carry on an intelligent conversation.
beautiful_angel Matchmaking
The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include romance and marriage, what are you doing tonight?
babydoll_1_3 Matchmaking
I would love to have a guy who is independent, romantic, sweet, funny, caring. I would like to have someone I can't keep my eyes off and someone who gives lots of affection and can't keep his hands off me.
BlueDiamond Matchmaking
BlueDiamond a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no one should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through their work, a portion of its lost heart.
MissEichelberger Matchmaking
The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include friendship, romance, activity and travel, although not necessarily in that order.
skyler43 Matchmaking
I am an honest and loyal friend and would like to complete my life with a woman who is capable of loving me as much as I can love them.
UTMedGuy Matchmaking
My ideal match: A young lady who isn't afraid to be herself. Someone who is supportive of my dreams and goals in life. Not afraid to take new challenges and experiences with me or show me.
mphtech Matchmaking
Hi, my name is Tim. I?m not Mr. Perfect, but I try to do things right.
JonSilver Matchmaking
I am the guy who wanted to take you to the beach on when your man stayed home and watched football. If this sounds like something you are missing in your life, maybe you are missing from mine.