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Hello, I'm a SWM and live in Orlando,Fl. I am looking for a single asian,white or latin SF for friends and loving relationship. I'm easy going and love a good conversation with my girlfriend during dinner at home or going out. ISO decent,caring,sweet,lovable woman with a big heart, I am all of these. Email me so we can start a fun loving relationship. I really do look alot better in person than my online photo. As soon as I get a better pic I will add it to my profile.


I'm looking for fun and romance. I am not much of a writer so you just have to get to know me to see what I have to offer. We will have a lot to talk about on a first date. I have a lot to offer the right person, but expect to have affection returned.


Tired of the bar scene- hard to meet someone of interest there. I am a passionate, intelligent man- above average looks- in shape-run several times a week- seeking similar interesting attractive woman who would like to share good times together. Age not important- she should be witty and inteligent.




Hello, if you are a woman who can be honest(100%),knows how to seek the roses, and still beware of the thorns, there is hope. I'm not looking to control or be controlled. Can you be bold and not brassy? I'm not Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect, if that's what you're looking for, please don't waste my time or yours, thank you.


The first thing you should know about me is I am a die hard academic type. I have often spent 18 hour days on Fresno State's campus doing physics problems. This has left me with about eight years worth of college work done at the age of 21. I am currently applying to graduate schools and will be in the bay area, at either Stanford or Berkeley, next fall. I also have an interest in various ocean sports. While I have been kept from going surfing and freediving too much recently, I have spent a whole lot of time in the ocean, and will continue this for a long time. I have also spent some time in the renaissance faire scene. While I am not all that active in it, I have built a whole costume, including a suit of chain maille. I have often been described as a bit shy and eccentric, but I am outgoing enough to have a large group of friends.




Are we a perfect match? Well, lets find out!





Well is there anyone out there that might be Mrs. Right????


Right, here goes. I'm a 20 something black man living in South London. I'm of slim build and keep fit by going to the gym regularly. I work as a Broadband Service Engineer full time whilst training to be a Driving Instructor. I have a keen interest in music of all types and can often be found DJ'ing on the internet... I enjoy reading, being creative, constructive conversation and having a good time. I'd like my perspective partner to be honest and open, self sufficient, attractive (not just physically) with a good sense of humour.


I like movies, music, video games, cooking, pets, riding in my convertable in the mountains or the beach or in the country side, walking, kind hearted and giving. Looking for someone that won't take advantage or use me.


Hi. My name is Christina. I am arigenaly from Anchorage, Alaska. I am 16 year old(about to be 17 in like one week yay lol) I have purple bitch bangs (long bangs shaved haid) blue eyes. I'm 5'6. Im not skinny but im not like FAT. I have three piercings, my left side of my lip, my right eye brow, and (my favorite :P) my tounge. People say I dress punk/goth but what ever I dont think i stick to one style really, just what ever feels comfterable that day. I am a very sensual and sexual person. I like and know how to have fun. I like to party, go to concerts, raves, and punk shows. I like to hang out with my friends (I'm a very social person. I like to listen to music (music is a big part of my life) I sing, write poetry, paint, and sketch. I am going to be going to the AIOS (the art instatute of seattle for those that dont know that that means)for Interior decorating. I am very into computers and the internet. I like to build web sites on my free time just for fun. But anyways I think I have writen enough on here for now lol. if u have any more questions just ask.




I am a poet and a philosopher. Thoughtful, serious, romantic and introverted. A keen wit and sense of humor. Fireplaces, long walks in the park or on the beach enjoying and marveling at nature - Gods handiwork and cuddling are the things that are important to me. I love to share enriching and spiritual experiences. Reading, chess and movies are my favorite hobbies. For me God is first, for he makes all things possible. I am unpretentious and like feeling relaxed. Comfortable in tuxedo or shorts & tennis. In a hurry to get "nowhere”, I enjoy taking time with those that are important to me. Nothing is more important to me that the lady in my life. Have lots of interest and volunteer lots of time.


Hello from Canada. I have travelled alot throughout America, and I truly love your country. Canada is similiar in many ways, yet very different in others. I prefer American values to Canadian. Actually, I am not really sure what Canadians value.All I know is that I don't agree with most of the bonehead moves our government makes or how the typical Canadian thinks. In fact they make me embarrassed to be Canadian. I was definitely born on the wrong side of the border.Anyway,I am looking to make some friends, penpals or who knows, possibly more. If you are a marathon runner, we may have already met. I have ran the New York, Chicago and Des Moines marathons, as well as the Americas Finest City Half marathon in San Diego. Most recently I was in Carlsbad, CA for their marathon in January. If you are interested in seeing what I look like, I can send you a link to marathon websites with my photographs. Thanks for reading this profile.


Hello everyone! well let me just say... i enjoy life as it is... its going to have its ups and its going to have its downs, you just have to smile and go through it :), im pretty laid back, i have a full time job.. i am a computer engineer. and no i am not a nerd lol. I LOVE football, hockey.. especially when i go to the games. i dont know what im looking for... i would like to have someone thats sweet and laughs at my stupid jokes. someone that makes me smile everytime i see her. sometimes i want to go out and have some drinks and other times i would like to just sit back, cuddle and watch a movie.


I’m a very tender and affectionate


Hello guys, I'm eighteen years old and I'm a is important to me because it gives me more chances in the future. Most people say that I'm shy at first but is very talkive once I know you well enough. I love to travel and I always make people laugh with my sense of humor. I love to read books, watch movies and mostly hanging out with my friends. I'm here to meet someone new and hopefully start a relationship.


Tickle my fancy, anyone? I have decided to try this approach to meet my soul mate. Anyone out there? If you want to know more catch me at Hope to hear from all. Later


Seeking a real man, losers need not apply.



Aussie girl


Just a fun guy looking to have fun with someone.







Married Male 44 looking for no strings fun with attractive females 18 to whatever. I am gentle and like having fun. Your marrital status is not a problem either. Looking for adult pleasures that satisfy us both.


Thanks for checking out my profile! Not much to say about me. I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. I'm a popular sort of person, well-liked and very sociable. I'm always at the height of fashion, either because I set it or because I follow it.I'm a down to earth, honest, guy looking for someone who values the same in others. I am open minded, willing to try new things, and can have a great time doing anything as long as the company is good. I was raised with middle class values, and understand the importance of honesty and respect. I know how to treat others. I am a very giving person, and am looking for someone who appreciates the little things. I have been described by others as intelligent, cute, sweet, funny...blah, blah, blah. You will have to decide for yourself what you think :) After reading this, you're probably thinking "Wow, this guy sounds BORING!", but did I mention that I love to have fun!!?? Whether it's nothing more than a stroll outside, having a few drinks, playing a sport, I love to have a good time. Attitude has a huge impact on how much fun you's all about perspective. OK, reality checks time. I am single and looking for someone to have fun with. I'm looking for a girl who can let her hair down and have fun, who knows when to be a lady..... And when to cut loose! Someone who is comfortable in jeans and a Tee …… dolled up for a night on the town. Hmmm..., I think you just have to get to know me to see what I'm really like.


Hello everyone, I am looking for Miss right. Soon I maybe moving out to Las Vegas NV. I am Air Force, so I plan on moving around a bit more than the average person. I have a great sense of humor, laid back, and understanding. I am looking for a long term relationship, and possibly even a life long love.


Single soon to be 25 yr old Christian Nanny looking for a single man who wants to explore all of life's great wonders together...





Im Lookin for a Man not a Boy!!!


Hi ,I grew up in the traditional family .I have dream is that I hope that I can find the beloved man to be with me to share all my life. I am tender, soft and quiet, so I always get along well with others. I am very serious and responsible to make friends. I am honest, sincere, and healthy in psychology, so I have many girl friends, but I also need the man who can be my soul mate, I am still seeking the Mr Right. If you have the same wish, I believe that as long as you give a chance to us to get to know each other, then we can start to get to know each other from now on. As long as we sincere to get to know each other, I believe that we will have the wonderful end.


Hey ya'll I'm not your typical female. I love working on cars, camping, hunting, fishing, basically anything outdoors. I can go from working on a car to getting dress up for a nice dinner. I'm into music all kinds except rap i just can't get into that kind of music. I love writing poetry, song lyrics, learning how to play my guitar. I was pretty much raised as a tomboy. If i had to classified myself as one thing it would a Redneck Woman. I am everything that songs saids in it. Hope to hear from ya'll soon PLEASE NO GAMES


hello I am a man alone and unmarried and I need a woman to give him the love and to take some I am Cameronian and I do not speak English well because I speak French but I use a translator


hi my name is mature lady..because i am a lady mature in age. i am a friendly,outgoing,humerous, serious minded person. i am honest ,sincere,tall,big n beautiful,black,55 years old.i'm happy,single,clean,well groomed,down to earth and easy to get to know.i am retired,kids are grown,now i am seeking a life of my own.


would you be my patient?



My name is Lisa and I Live in Kentucky near Lousville is. I have 3 children of my own that do not live with me.



Hello my name is Emily Ann Shisler I am from Harrietta Michigan I am a High School student and plan to go to collage at baker by my home so I dont have to leave my mom side because I love her and she is very ill and I got to take care of her but there is othere things about me that you will love you just got to find otu...HaHaHa...




High energy Attorney


Im a simple, laid back, low maintenence kind of girl. I may be kind of young but I am told I have a good head on my shoulders and I definately know what I want. I love my family and my friends that still remain with me today. I can act silly and goofy and make people laugh but when the time comes to be serious about something im your girl. I enjoy long conversations about nothing and everything all at once. If you want to know more, just ask! <3



Hey There, Looking for new people to meet and have a good time with



Hi, I'm basically a simple girl with simple pleasures and loves to celebrate life. I'm quite independent and possess an 'adventurous spirit' (so my Father used to say).I have been away from my country for the last 10 years and well I think I need a cool change....


Tu es une personne unique. Peut-ętre es-tu la personne qui guérira mon coeur blessé, brisé, vidé et si souvent piétiné. Dans tes bras j'étais bien, mais je l'ai vu trop tard, pourquoi ? Je ne le sais pas. Les mots me manque pour exprimer mes sentiments. Peut-ętre qu'un jour tu comprendra pourquoi j'ai fais cela. Maintenant, je n'ais plus peur, mais je regrette.



Hello! I'm a fun-loving girl who's always up for adventure. I love sci fi, horror, and dramatic movies and as for music, you name it, I probably listen to it. I would like to find a man who is fun and open-minded with a good sense of humor.


Country boy looking for a country girl.


Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see.


The One


Hi, Im one woman man who found out after 13 years of marriage that my wife wasnt a one man woman. Starting my life over and dont know where to start so Im starting here. I enjoy the outdoors and would love to have someone to go camping,fishing and golfing with. Im a passionat guy who likes to show his effection and wants the same in return. Honesty and trust are important to me and Im not into one night stands or woman who play games with your heart.



I am looking for u


i am a self employed lady looking to fill a void in my heart.......I like having a man in my life for all the right reasons. Im looking for companionship frienship honesty and most of all comunication on every level,which i find lacking in most men. ai am fathfull and careing.


I am 6ft, 168 lbs. I just moved from Chicago, still go back and forth. Not much familiar with Atlanta area. I am an engineer. My interests include long walks, movies, playing tennis, romantic dinners etc. I love travelling, on an average I like to go to Europe or other world destination at least couple of times a year. I am a caring person. I believe in love. I am ready to give my soul to my soul mate. I want the relationship to be built on trust and respect to each other, on understanding of partner’s interests and opinions.


Hello There! I am new to the internet singles site so my profile may not be up to par, but at least I am trying! So check my profile out and send me a hello! The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include friendship, romance, activity and travel, but I'm not in a hurry, and we can start as friends.


I have a simple, down-to-Earth philosophy in life...kindness and faith in others, trying to make the wisest decisions in the path I'm on in life, and I appreciate the same values in my acquaintances. I have been through many challenges, so I usually like to make sure things run smooth as possible. I am in a wheelchair, which you should know before reading any further, and 6 feet/140 pounds. I am lucky to not be paralyzed, but my arms got busted up pretty good, so I can't catch myself easily if I lose my balance alone. I am able to work from home thank goodness, because I make web pages for people, so I am very lucky in that department. I also exercise for at least an hour each day, to keep as fit as I can.


Hello-where are all the interesting men?


looking for depth in you


more fun than a large can of reddi whip



Hello! I'm searching for my best friend and companion to share life with. Finding that chemistry and connection is very hard to come by. It's certainly worth the effort, however.


geek turned girl


I am an attractive female with a good sense of humor. I have a assertive personality and am outspoken. I enjoy the simple thing in life. I am looking for a potential partner with same qualities.


Just moved to Vegas from Houston. Don't really think these things work, but figured it couldn't hurt to try. Hoping to make some new friends out here.




I'm the one.


just tryin to meet some new people and have a good time.


Easy going New Zealander 31 (Gay) looking for friends or more in Northen Taiwan


Hello, My name is Renita. I'm a student in Austin,Tx orginally from Dallas. I'm just on here to find someone that I can chill with on the weekends in Austin. It can get boring here at times. So just hit a sista up if you are interested in gettin to know me better.



I am patient, shy, friendly, ethical (not moral :), generous, thoughtful about cultural and political issues, and sometimes prone to babble. Also, I am very pet friendly, as I have a smallish dog to whom I am very attached. Despite my belief that chaos and anarchy--they are very different concepts--yield creativity, I am emotionally and structurally stable. Although I have two roommates because I cannot afford a mortgage on my own, I am a co-op shareholder. Translation: I'm tied to my Kew Gardens apartment until it falls apart. I love and respect the irrational, yet I am quite objective overall. Although I am overwhelmingly metropolitan, I still retained some sense of respect for the calmness of small towns by salty sea air that defined most of my young life. Maybe that's why I love salt so much...? I am looking for the prospect of a long-term relationship: however, I am not looking for a marriage. Indeed, I do not believe in that nonsense. Still, while strict monogamy and moving in with each other after a few dates are necessarily not on my agenda, I prefer the security of a long-lasting love affair. As far as my personal appearances go, I am not into glamour: I adorn myself simply--just enough so that my students think I am aware, while not enough for them to assume I believe in trendiness over comfort and being one's "naked" or natural self. Please do not be into restrictive roles. Exploring is one thing, but intimacy defined by unchanging roles is a concept outside my personal style.



I am a caring lonely woman looking to meet a nice person. I would like to meet someone that lives within 50 or 60 miles.


Normal Male Seeks Normal Female


Hi! I'm a country boy at heart and soul. I'm a down-to-earth, easy going, kind and considerate man and I love my family ... and my dog! I am a good listener and I'm honest. My favorite things to do include day trips to the Maine coast or the New Hampshire mountains. They're both beautiful places. I also like organic gardening, dining out, BBQ's at home and quiet nights with a movie or just talking and “other” things.



Hello' guys...I'm looking for somone to enjoy time with. Someone to enjoy my corny jokes. Someone who understands me..Someone to just talk to.. I'm not a skinny gilr..I just had a baby, so I have gained some weight. If you want to know I weigh about 230. Yes, I know it's alot.. but I'm trying to loose it..So if you don't mind some meat. then hit me up!




I am a selp indipendant Student. A girl with corners and borders, surely with great emotions, romantic, good level and style in all kind of living….respect and trust. I have a good sense of humour and warm personality. I enjoy meeting people and having a laugh. I work hard, but I try to keep a happy balance between work and home time. I like a quiet evening at home, spend time with my love one, listen to music and read a good book. But I also like to go out for dinner, for live music, enjoy movies, theatre and art. Also I like to travel. I am 23 years young, 135 cm in height, black hair, black eyes and small. Sincerely



"Lets Just be Friends..." Look.... it's not you, its me. Even though you haven't even answered my profile yet we have already begun to grow apart. We want different things. I am just too busy living the dreams and chasing my passions. I want you to know that you are a wonderful woman and very special and I really enjoyed our time together even though we had none. This is holding you back. You need to be set free. You'll find someone special. Infact, I think its time for you to move on from this profile now to find other men. Its time to browse some other ads. The profile above me looks perfect for you. The one below me looks pretty good too. These men will go for long walks on the beach with you, buy you flowers, take walks in the park so they can buy balloons just to let them go with you, and they will call you ten times a day. I’m not Mr. Right, I’m not ‘the one’ and don't be fooled by the smile, I'm not a nice guy either. Someone like me will only thrill you and then break your heart and what woman wants that?


I am a kind, caring,loving,open minded, trustworthy lady that hates to be lied to. .And wants a man that can commit to a relationshipp 100% as you will receive 110% in return


Hi,girls i,am a 19 years old guy from austria, i was 1 month in los angeles holliday and it was great. so i,m looking for a nice girl who will mary me,i know it is cracy, but it is my only chance to live in amerika with a nice girl please write me christopher


Okay now I guess a little about me. I am a single mom, my kids are my number one priority. I also started back to school recently and I also work full time. I was raised in a Christian home, I have 5 older brothers no sister just me. I love playing and watching my kids play baseball / softball. Not afraid to get dirty (take it how ever you want to). Love to be outdoors. I enjoy spending time at home watching movies or just outdoors doing something. There's more but if anything sounds interesting leave you information and I'll get back to you. I can be some what of a smart ass at times but I think its just a Texas thing. Ok the pictures arent that great but they will have to do for now, its kind of hard to take them of yourself. One more thing just to clarify this my kids are all by the same guy, I'll tell you the story later it's kind of long.


Big n Beautiful Woman searching for Mr. Right.