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REWRAT2000 Dating Personals
I am a happy, deep, sensual, loving, sometimes goofy, always cute, athletic and active kind a gal. I always try to surround myself with people and things that inspire me and that keep the creativity flowing.
Joeibean Dating Personals
I am a very outspoken person... I will tell you how I feel, weather it is good or bad I will always give an honest answer. I've been told that my smile, baby blue eyes and my sense of humor brightens every room!
sweepea Dating Personals
I am A sexy ocean minded single female,with long golden hair,big brown eyes, a constant smile, with a warm laugh. I am a very passionate, loving, loyal, funny and fun lady.
Rone Dating Personals
I am looking for Mr. Right. Are you out there? I'm not so sure about this modern technology, but I'm willing to give it a try. Hopefully, romance still exists on some level. I hope to hear from you...
cindycanada Dating Personals
I'm a sweet simple girl, with hot average looks. I might be considered slightly mysterious, but I'll let you find out for yourself!
finebrotha Dating Personals
The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include play and romance, although not necessarily in that order.
niceguy4uG Dating Personals
Looking for a nice woman to hang out with and share adventures around the city with.
rcroddyii Dating Personals
I enjoys theatre, musicals, opera, books and quite a few other thought stimulating activities. I also have my tough guy side. I wrestled in high school and a short time in college.
RonBruce Dating Personals
I'm inteligent, personable, humorus, and very easy going. I'm also very creative and resourceful. I would like to meet someone who is intelligent, stable, easygoing, and independent.