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LenaK Dating Agencies
I am a calm, well-balanced, kind, friendly person who values mutual understanding. My interests are music, traveling, and cooking.
WhiteDove Dating Agencies
The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include friendship and romance, although I'm open to other possibilities. I'm currently Single, and I have no children that I know of.
lovelyone_iam Dating Agencies
The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include friendship, romance and marriage, what are you doing tonight?
woefulwolf Dating Agencies
I want to meet someone that loves to travel and try new things. I love the beach and try to go often. He also needs to love the out doors, He would like going hiking, walking, and getting lost in the woods.
BDivine Dating Agencies
My ideal match will be very humorous, sexy and love the outdoors. Not affraid to go outside and get a little dirty! Be comfortable and strong enough to be herself.
tedybr Dating Agencies
I love summers and I enjoy walking on the beaches. I also enjoy travelling, going to the movies and spending quality time with friends. I have never been married and have no children.
BRS Dating Agencies
I like a woman who knows she's a lady and who is just as comfortable in jeans and as in an evening dress. I ride a motorcycle and would love to take someone through the foothills or along the coast for a day's outing.
Sleep197 Dating Agencies
I am looking for a friend,a partner and a lover. Someone that believes in me no matter what and I will do the same for her. No one nights stands,I am in it for the long haul.