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Christian Diablo

Bon' jour...Konichiwa....and Hello. I am a A Bartender/D.J. looking for something other than the bar scene.

I'm a 26 year old white guy from Bay City, TX. I consider my appearance to be good looking. I am 6'2" tall with an athletic build. I have black hair, sky blue eyes and an olive complexion.


My ideal match:
Tie your owns shoes.......For God's sake have a Sense of humor and dont be afraid of life. If you have issues ..... or you are pissed at your ex and cant wait to get even with the next guy along....Pick on the NEXT guy Its not MY thing. Also be as Sensitive and understanding as you would like me to be....its the best the way to get me to be that way....also you get kool bonus points if You can tell me what is up with seashells on the toilet.

The ideal setting for a first date:
I am Not sure really....It would depend on you .....let me read ya for a couple of seconds and i guess we will see where we end up.....I am out to please, so relax and enjoy the show.

YES I DO.......I love my job

What I like to do when I'm not at work:
Conquests for World Domination......Next.

Where I see myself two to five years from now:
Still Filling out this Profile....Does this thing Have an End?

If I could change one thing about myself:
My Future

Final thoughts:
Be Excellent About Life.....Then I promise it will be fun for all.