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Hello I am a gentleman looking for friends which could possibly turn into long term relationship if we both want it too. I just got out of a very bad relationship and i was very hurt. All i want is to find that soulmate for me,my life is empty and would love to have someone to grow on with ,and to possibly connect with me heart to heart, no games friends first see what happens after that...

I'm a 26 year old white gentleman from Benham, KY. I consider my appearance to be average looking. I am 5'11" tall with an average build. I have brown hair, big brown eyes and a tanned complexion.


My ideal match:
My ideal match is a woman who has a love of life willing to be her ownself and very high spirited and who loves to share cuddle, and to do things together,a self motivated individual who has a life of there own and not afraid to live her own life to the fullest... Also able to be good listener and good friend...

The ideal setting for a first date:
The ideal settibg for me would be at home having dinner ready ( probably take-out since i can't cook) HA HA!!!!!! conversating to each other in front of a fire talking about life and what each one of us want out of life...

My favorite hangout or club:
I enjoy the club sometimes when i am with someone not too fun when your by yourself.. But i would rather be with someone at the zoo or a hotair ballonride with..

My ideal occupation is to be a police officer thats what i am going to school for....

What I like to do when I'm not at work:
What i like to do in my spare time is to spend time with my family and catching up on family activites,such as attending to their horses,and my niece and nephew..

Where I see myself two to five years from now:
Well lets see in five years i hope i am married with a strong job behind me and hope that we can love eachother the way we both need...

If I could change one thing about myself:
There's really alot of things that i would change about myself, But the most thing about myself that i think i would change is my big heart sometimes its easy to hurt and take advantage of..

Final thoughts:
The only thing that i can say is that i know there is no such thing as insant love and a relationship is built on trust and communication, and i am a firm believer of being friends first... By the way The e-mail address is my sisters.. so if by chance you contact me make it to boo and she will get it to me... Thanks for everything