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Hi I will start by saying hello and then a little about me.I am a fun loving guy.I like to cuddle with a women while watching a movie.I like to walk with them in a nice area.I dont concider myself as a perfect person but I care about people for who they are.I f you can be 100% honest with me then you can be my freind I help as much as I can.I conceder myself a good looking guy but doesnt every guy think there good lookin.Well hey I am out there playin game and having fun I hope to here from you soon have fun!!!!!!!Good luck out there

I'm a 20 year old white man from Lakewood, OH. I consider my appearance to be good looking. I am 5'9 tall with an average build. I have brown hair, wild hazel eyes and a fair complexion.


My ideal match:
My Ideal Match?Well I am not asking for much.I am looking for a women with a sence of humor.A fun easy going.Someone who is caring Loving and supportive with things I do.Someone who is honest and can tell me anything.Someone I can express my self to.I want a serious relationship and if you are any of the above we can talk.

The ideal setting for a first date:
First date well this is were I really start learning about you.I let you pick were we go and what we do.I let you set the mood the only I ask is if we can enjoy a nice walk some were I enjoy walking and I think getting to know someone the mood setting of a walk is romantic and fun.

I am currently a partner in a roofing company and yes I am happy I enjoy my line of work.I used to be an auto mechanic but now I do it on the side out of my garage.

What I like to do when I'm not at work:
I enjoy building model cars.Mostley on my time I work on cars I have a 1987 Mustang that I am rebuilding to be a euro car.I have build up engines for many cars and I also enjoy that alot it calms me down when I am frustrated or upset about something.

Where I see myself two to five years from now:
There are many roads to life so I cant tell you were I will be in this peroid of time.I just hope that I am happy were I am.

If I could change one thing about myself:
There is nothing I would change about myself I am me I was born to be who I am if I change i feel I would be trying to be someone else plus everyone loves me for who I am if I ever meet you,you wont want me to change either.

Final thoughts:
Enjoy yourself in every area you can be a happy person if I am not your kinda guy hell at list you took the time to learn a little about me.But now I am off to have fun and enjoy myself so I will see you all later or not haha. Have Fun out there.