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Just me-Christmas 2001

Hi! My name is Joanna. I like to sing for anyone who will listen, talk to anyone who has an opinion and most importantly I like to have fun and be happy. I love laughing and being with my family. I love going to the movies and the theatre. If you're looking for someone to laugh with, I'm the one!

I'm a 27 year old white lady from San Dimas, CA. I consider my appearance to be good looking. I am 5'7" tall with a rubenesque build. I have black hair, sexy green eyes and a fair complexion.


My ideal match:
What can I say? A sense of humor is most important to me. I like people who can laugh at life, especially when some people would cry. I am looking for someone who is taller than I am but other than that, looks are not important. I am looking for someone who is intelligent and can hold a conversation about anything from literature to cartoons. I want to be with someone who respects women and still knows how to treat them right. Most important as I said in the beginning, I want someone who knows how to laugh!

The ideal setting for a first date:
The ideal first date would start with a drive up the coast. Coming back down, time at a small coffee house to watch a local artist, then home again. I think first dates should leave plenty of time for getting to know each other.

My favorite hangout or club:
My favorite hangout is very trite, but it's anywhere my family is. I love my family and anytime I can be with them, I'm happy.

I love my work, but I've gotten away from helping people which is something I would like to begin working with again.

What I like to do when I'm not at work:
I sing in a couple of choirs, hang out with my friends, go to the mountains, ski and sled.

Where I see myself two to five years from now:
Within 5 years, I see myself happy. Anything other than being happy will just be a bonus.

If I could change one thing about myself:
If I could change one thing? I'll have to think about that one and let you know later.

Final thoughts:
If you've read this far down, I hope you've seen something that interestes you. Drop me a line and let's chat!