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I am a nice young lady, looking me meet a great friend. In the future, maybe more. I love beautiful setting, such as a park. I am also working towards a great relationship with OD.

I'm a 28 year old black lady from dallas, TX. I consider my appearance to be good looking. I am 5 tall with an average build. I have black hair, big brown eyes and a brown complexion.


My ideal match:
My ideal mate is very kind and caring. He is a strong man who is already complete, or striving personal comfort. I with like someone who is truely seeking to have a personal relationship with Christ. (Someone who will invite me to church , instead of me always inviting him). I want him to be a person that I could spoil to daeth, and likewise.

The ideal setting for a first date:
I t would be a place with a very inviting atmosphere, like a rest.

My favorite hangout or club:
I don't have a hangout or club.

I LOVE my career. I am a special education teacher. I love working with my children. I really feel like I am helping me.

What I like to do when I'm not at work:
I do lots of reading, and hanging with friends/family.

Where I see myself two to five years from now:
In five years I will have finish my graduate degree, and have bought a home. I also hope to be working towards marriage, and closer to GOD.

If I could change one thing about myself:
I don't really have anything I want to change. I am working towards becoming a greater person.